Month: September 2022

Weird and Wild Oregon: Picture Rock Pass #Photography


Picture Rock is between Summer and Silver Lakes in the Oregon Outback.

weird and wild oregon

picture rock petroglyphs weird and wild Oregon

The petroglyphs were left on this boulder were most likely created during either the Clovis Period (10,000 and 12,000 years ago) or the Stemmed Point Period  (7,500 to 10,000 years ago).

The rock wasn’t easy to find. In fact, without Google Maps, I doubt we would have. That’s a good thing, though. The harder it is to find, the more likely it is to be preserved. But it was worth the hunt.

I found this diagram on Wikipedia, which shows the carvings in clearer detail.


picture rock petroglyphs weird and wild oregon

Four arms? And, two of the figures have horns. It’s obviously either an alien or yeti attack, and the one dude is escaping on horseback.  What do you think it means?



#SciFi Worth Reading: The Silver Ship and the Sea #BookReview

The Silver Ship and the Sea

by Brenda Cooper

This story soon had me so engrossed, that I had to keep reading until the last page. The world and characters were rich and complex and so imaginative. This alien planet became something I experienced through action, drama, and description. There was fear, tension, and excitement.

In the story, most humans have been augmented through bio-engineering to be improved. A ship full of regular, nonaugmented, humans settle on the planet of Fremont where they want to live without any of the trappings of modern humans. Things go according to plan… for a while.

Until a ship of modified humans arrives. Soon there is a culture clash that leads to war. These events happen before the story starts. The story begins shortly after. The modified people left behind six children, who essentially become prisoners of war of the colony. The children have extraordinary abilities. Some are treated with love; some not so much.

Inevitably, as the children grow and realize their predicament, things come to a boiling point again. Well-developed, solid storytelling, don’t miss out on this great novel.

I really need to read the next book in this series. Brenda Cooper has oodles of talent and tells a fabulous story woven with wonder, humanity, and questions we must all answer for ourselves.

Prisoners of a war they barely remember, Fremont’s Children must find a way to survive in a world that abhors their very nature. Or they must discover a way to leave it…

Brenda Cooper’s Fremont’s Children series launches with her award-winning novel The Silver Ship and the Sea. Cooper explores what it means to be so different that others feel they must oppress you.

Six genetically enhanced children are stranded on the colony planet Fremont in a war between genetic purists and those that would tinker with the code. Orphaned, the children have few remnants of their heritage other than an old woman who was left for abandoned at the end of the war, and a mysterious silver ship that appears to have no doors.

To keep themselves alive, the children must leave the safety of the insular community and brave the beautiful but dangerous wilds of Fremont. Is it an echo of their own natures, or a proving ground of their genetic worth?

In this battle of wills and principles, what does the future hold for Fremont’s Children?

Killers From Space: #SciFi #MovieReview

science fiction movieScarier than killer aliens were the opening scenes of actual atomic bomb tests. Real stuff. People sitting outside with nothing but protective goggles. Yikes!

Not long after the detonation, there’s a spooky flash. Oh no, the plane is crashing. However, they merely turned the image sideways, as the clouds are vertical.

Doctor Martin is dead. Noo! Never fear! He’s not quite dead yet. He shows up on the street, staggering, barely standing. Yet he has enough strength to check the mail before ambling over to the military base. Mail was uber important back then and especially after surviving a horrific crash.

You look healthy except for that scar on your chest, Dr. Martin.

As it turns out, and we shouldn’t be surprised, Dr. Martin was abducted by aliens.

The aliens travel via an electron bridge. I thought that idea pretty cool. Their planet, Astron Delta, is dying. Their sun went out and they need a new home. Guess what? Earth is it!

Dr. Martin frantically tries to leave the cavern. But it’s guarded by giant spiders. I guess killer aliens weren’t scary enough. There are also giant bugs and lizards. Darn those atomic bombs! A lot of time was spent gawking at ‘giant’ creatures. This made the aliens laugh. Hmm, we share that sense of humor.

The giant creatures will be the army for the aliens. Double darn those atomic bombs! And, no one believes Dr. Martin. They think he’s batsh*t crazy. It doesn’t help that he’s running around in his pajamas. Can Doug stop the alien invasion and save the day? Well, you’ll have to watch.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube player


It was more on the entertaining side than boring, but there was no dancing. Bummer. I did really like the electron bridge and the goofy-looking aliens.  So, I give this a 2 beer rating. Yeah, you’ll need more than one.




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