Dimensions Report

#MPaxDimension Report: New Website and The Afterworlds

best selling science fiction report

Look! A new website!

Why’d I do that? So that I can offer you print and audiobooks in the Not of this Earth Bookshop.

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So, yeah, I’ve been really busy making this new site. What else am I up to? I naively bought a laser for my cats, and now that’s all they want to do… play laser. Two squirrels have been ravaging my garden, so it’s been combat in the backyard. I think maybe straight-on cayenne pepper sprinkled liberally on everything made a difference. For now. I won’t hold my breath.

The audibooks of The Rifters and The Initiate are now done. I’m working on The Reader. The paperback and large print editions of The Backworlds are done. I’m working on the hardcover and Stopover.

Edits for The Afterworlds are going into the computer. There’s a lot of writing/rewriting to be done, so the edits won’t be quick. With the website done, my focus will go here.

Hope you’re doing well. Peace out!



#MPaxDimension Report: Dinos, Audio, and Print.

June was a busy month and a rainy one. Cool and rainy every weekend, it was a challenge to get my garden in. I finally did. Many things are growing very well. There are things I still need to learn to do better, though.

The first round of edits on The Afterworlds is still in progress. I’m past the halfway point. The bones are good so far. My notes are mostly about fleshing things out more. That’s a positive.

Besides working on the next release, I’ve been busy researching how to expand. I’ll be venturing back into print and will be offering it direct through my Not of this Earth Bookshop as well as other outlets. On this site, I’ll be offering options for regular print, large print, and special editions not available anywhere else.

I also decided to go ahead and offer my books in audio through digital narration.  I started with The Rifters and have the first one almost done.  I’ll be putting my full catalog into digital narration except for The Backworlds, Stopover at the Backworlds’ Edge, and The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear. Those three titles are still under contract with ACX. I hope to extricate them in the near future.

These expansions mean a renovation of the Not of this Earth Bookshop. I have so much to do, but I’m happy with these decisions and the large heaping of projects on my plate. They’re exciting projects, so stay tuned!

And once The Backworlds series is completed, I will be at work finishing up The Rifters series, then the Hetty Locklear series and Squad 51. After those, I’m already cooking up new stories… my favorite part of the writing process.

I did see Jurassic World: Dominion this month too. I know the critics really didn’t like it much, but I did. I always think more people could have been eaten by the dinosaurs, but that’s always my opinion.

The husband unit liked it too. To me, it had more of a plot than the previous movies, and the references back to movie one were awesome. The addition of the original cast was great too. The major disappointment was the theater had no Cheetos popcorn. I had to get the regular stuff. Yikes!

It was our first trip to the theater since COVID shut everything down, and it was really different. For one, not so many snacks. For two, not much staff.  And, the signs outside the theaters telling you which movie was in which theater weren’t working.

But the 3D dino action was fantastic. It was a fun movie, which is all I expect from a movie with dinos running amok. I would rank this as my second favorite movie of the franchise. In order: 1, 6, 4 and 5, 3… 2 is the movie I don’t like to talk about. That one was a sad, sad disappointment.

Hope you had a good June. I’ll check in again at the end of July!



#MPaxDimension Report: The Afterwolds First Draft is Close to Done! #SciFi

The final scenes of The Afterworlds are in the works. Perhaps at the next MPax Dimension Report, I’ll say I finished the first draft. If not, I’ll be pretty close. Once the Backworlds is finished, I’ll be getting to work on the Rifters series.

I updated the Not of this Earth Bookshop.  I’m looking into redoing print copies of my books in the near future and some special editions. So, you can look forward to that.

The anthology that The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe was canceled, so I’ll be publishing that on my own. I had planned three other stories for it. When those are written, I’ll be publishing the stories myself.

I was able to get part of the garden planted, but not all of it. The weather just wasn’t cooperating.

The cat pack is doing all right. Luna still shuns the boys. Sarge and Mork play together a lot.

Peace out!



#MPaxDimension Report: The Afterworlds, cats, gardening, and astronomy #scifi


Four months down in 2022. We had more snow in April than we did all winter.

Despite the schizophrenic weather, the garden is coming to life. I experimented with winter sowing and many of the seeds are sprouting. Some are not, but I’m trying to be patient. Patience is not my strong suit, however.

Our cat, Sarge, really wanted a playmate. So, Luna joined our family a week ago. I did not name her, despite the name being a good fit for me. She’s an older cat, but so is Sarge. She’s still hissing at him, though.

We started going into the office one day a week. This is a new job for me, so it was like the first day. I prefer working at home, but it was nice to meet some of my coworkers in person.

Pine Mountain Observatory will be opening for two weeks a month this summer. I plan on volunteering at least once. I need a stargazing fix. The orientation is in mid-May. It will be nice to see people I’ve volunteered with for years again.

The Afterworlds, Backworlds Book 9, is now 62,000 words. I’m happy with the progress and should be moving into the editing phase by end of August. Maybe sooner.

I’m also helping to organize an anthology. There are still open slots if you’d like a publishing credit. The theme is spring and fantasy. If you’re interested in some exposure with other published authors, let me know. You can email me at mpax at mpaxauthor dot com

My brain is percolating future stories. But first, I’m going to finish all the series I’ve started. Afterworlds is the last book in the Backworlds series (for now). Then in order, I will complete Rifters, Space Squad 51, and Hetty Locklear.

I have other plans for ramping up my author life and business, so be sure to stay tuned!




#MPaxDimension Report: Exploring New Worlds

Wow! March whizzes by… Hope the month treated you well. The weather has been going back and forth between summer and winter here. I’m planning fun new things for the future… more exciting book launches, new print versions, and I’ll be finishing up each of my series. I’m currently working on the last book in the Backworlds series, and then I will move on to completing the Rifters series.

The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe: My critique group had stuff to say about the ending two scenes, which resulted in an edit. At 22K, it’s complete. The submission date has been extended. I plan on writing 3 more stories in this world.

The Afterworlds, Backworlds Book 9: The word count rises to 42.5K. It would have been higher if I hadn’t erased 2 chapters and written them over. There wasn’t anything terribly wrong with them. I just thought I could do better and make them more exciting. So, I did. I’ll share the cover with you soon!




#MPaxDimension Report: My Two Genres

When I started writing, I knew space opera was my thing. And I really liked weird. What I didn’t know is that a blending of sci-fi, fantasy, and steampunk is also my thing.

If you’re just beginning your writing journey, you may think you know your genre, and maybe you’re lucky enough that you do, but most of us write a lot of words until we figure out what color our genre is.

Sure I like other types of stories, but I seem to keep crafting stories in these two. Space opera is well established. The other, well, I think that is uniquely me.

Progress report:

The Afterworlds, Backworlds Book 9: 35,000+ words now written. I’m having fun with this one.

The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe: Complete at 20K. It now awaits the publishing process.