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Temerity’s Journey: From Estrangement to Reconciliation #sciencefiction #scifi #spaceopera

from the best-selling space opera series Temerity

At the heart of Temerity’s story is her relationship with her brother, Craze. Despite their father’s harsh decision to exile Craze from their home planet, Temerity’s fond memories of her brother’s kindness—symbolized by the sweet treats he brought her—anchor a deep-seated affection for him. However, the upheaval faced by the Verkinns, their race, casts a shadow over this bond. The tragic loss of their mother and sister ignites a fierce wrath in Temerity, leading her down a path of vengeance. The path Craze vowed against their father.

The Turning Point: War and Reconciliation

The outbreak of war with the Quassers serves as a critical turning point for Temerity, forcing her into a truce with Craze. This uneasy alliance paves the way for her remarkable transformation from a vengeful sister to a key figure in the war’s resolution. Temerity’s journey is not just one of reconciliation with Craze but also of personal growth, as she learns to navigate the complexities of leadership and diplomacy.

Temerity as Planetlord: A Vision for Peace

Craze’s decision to appoint Temerity as planetlord of Jix is a testament to her capabilities and their mended relationship. In this role, Temerity emerges as a formidable leader, working tirelessly to forge peace between the Verkinns and the Jixes, as well as between the Backworld and Foreworld governments. Her efforts to manage the threat of the Trausser Vines further demonstrate her commitment to her people’s safety and prosperity.

Temerity’s story is a vibrant thread in the intricate tapestry of the Backworlds series, inviting readers to explore the depths of character and the possibilities of a universe where hope and determination can overcome darkness and division.


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Meelo: A Tale of Resilience and Redemption in the Backworlds Universe #sciencefiction #scifi


best-selling sci-fi series

In the vast expanse of the Backworlds, amidst the swirling cosmos and interstellar strife, there exists a character whose journey epitomizes the essence of resilience and redemption. Her name is Meelo, and within her diminutive frame lies a story of courage, loss, and eventual triumph.

Barely reaching five feet in height, Meelo cuts a small figure against the backdrop of cosmic chaos. With her dirty blonde hair and watery pale blue eyes, she possesses a quiet presence that belies the turbulence within her soul. Meelo’s arrival on Pardeep Station, two years after  Craze and his companions, marks the beginning of a new chapter in her tumultuous life.

Brought to Pardeep Station by Doc, who took nursed her back to health, Meelo is a figure of mystery. Her stutter shrouds her words in uncertainty, while she seeks solace within her oversized coat. This coat, adorned with pockets of various fabrics, serves as a poignant reminder of the lives lost on Teerant, her home planet, decimated by the ruthless Fo’wo’s.

Meelo’s survival amidst the carnage is a testament to her resilience. Pretending to be dead amongst the pile of corpses, she emerged from the ashes as the sole survivor, a promise she made to the man she loved.

Initially employed at Craze’s bar, Meelo eventually established a farm. A loner by nature, she harbored a secret life as a informant to the enemy Foreworlders, a decision born out of desperation and survival.

Meelo’s journey took a dramatic turn when she fought to save the citizens of Pardeep Station. Through acts of bravery and selflessness, she redeemed herself in the eyes of her peers, earning the esteemed title of planet lord. Though uncomfortable with the mantle of leadership, Meelo shed her stutter and emerged from the shadows, revealing her true face to the world.

Today, Meelo tends to the wounds of Pardeep Station’s population, both physical and emotional, with the tender care of someone who knows the depths of despair. In Meelo’s journey, there is a tale of triumph and of finding strength in the face of unimaginable loss. Hers is a story of redemption, of becoming a beacon of hope in a universe shrouded in darkness.

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Explore New Worlds with Adventurous Women in Space! New Release! #scifi #sciencefiction #freebooks


Get ready to immerse yourself in the cosmic wonders of space with these 9 exceptional best-selling novels.
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free best-selling science fiction novels


If you’re ready to escape reality and delve into the vast realms of science fiction, here is a collection of nine captivating novels. Each features strong and adventurous women navigating the cosmos. Best of all, these interstellar tales are yours to enjoy for free! Join us as we blast off into the unknown and discover the wonders of space.

  1. Project Charon 1: Re-entry by Patty Jansen: Prepare for an exhilarating ride filled with mysteries, conspiracies, and the boundless possibilities of outer space.
  2. Starship Waking by C. Gockel: Board this starship and dare to navigate through uncharted territories and unravel the secrets hidden among the stars.
  3. Star Mage Quest by J.J. Green: A spellbinding journey where magic meets the cosmos.
  4. Children of Darkness by James E. Wisher: A gripping narrative featuring resilient women in the face of galactic adversity.
  5. Faring Soul by Tracy Cooper Posey: Experience love, loss, and self-discovery against the backdrop of an expansive and unpredictable universe.
  6. Spaceberg by M. Pax: Embark on a space-faring adventure where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance.
  7. Ghost by Demelza Carlton: Explore the intersection of the paranormal and the limitless expanse of the cosmos.
  8. Traitor’s Code by Jane Killick: A gripping space thriller filled with suspense and intrigue.
  9. Derelict by LJ Cohen: Join the fearless women at the heart of this tale as they uncover the secrets of a derelict spaceship, paving the way for an unforgettable space adventure.

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Semper Audacia by M. Pax: A Riveting Last Stand in the Cosmos #99c #scifi #sciencefiction


The last soldier’s last stand.

Semper Audacia stands as a testament to M. Pax’s ability to craft a narrative that captivates. Leda confronts the enemy one last time where the echoes of war meet the indomitable spirit of one lone soldier.

science fiction by the best-selling author of the Backworlds series, M. Pax

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where memories intertwine with ghosts and the echoes of war resonate, M. Pax takes readers on an extraordinary journey with the gripping science fiction ebook, Semper Audacia. Priced at just 99 cents across all ebook retailers, this captivating tale unfolds as the last soldier, Leda, faces her ultimate challenge—the last stand for her world.


Alone and haunted by the echoes of a war that claimed everyone she knew, Leda stands as the sole defender of her world. The remnants of a once-thriving brigade, now reduced to a solitary figure, she grapples with the thin line between memories and madness. As a siren blares, signaling an impending threat, Leda must decipher the approaching vessel’s intentions. Is it the long-awaited reinforcement or the herald of the final assault?

In the aging flyer that serves as her only means of transportation, Leda embarks on a perilous journey to meet her world’s destiny. The stakes are high, the tension palpable, and the unknown looms large. M. Pax masterfully weaves a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, combining elements of suspense, mystery, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Themes and Exploration:

Semper Audacia explores the themes of isolation, survival, and the enduring strength found within the human psyche. Leda’s character is a poignant portrayal of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds, making her journey a compelling exploration of the human condition amidst the vastness of space.

M. Pax’s Unique Voice

M. Pax’s storytelling prowess shines through in Semper Audacia. The author skillfully creates a rich and immersive world, drawing readers into a narrative that seamlessly blends the familiar with the unknown. The descriptive prose paints vivid imagery, evoking a sense of both wonder and trepidation.


The accessibility of Semper Audacia at a mere 99 cents across various ebook retailers makes this a must-read for science fiction enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the genre or a newcomer looking for an enthralling adventure, this ebook promises a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

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Rainly: The Chatterbox Cytran with a Heart of Chrome from the Best-Selling Backworlds Series! #scifi #sciencefiction


In the boundless expanse of the Backworlds series resides a character whose presence illuminates every page—a character born from the spirit of a cherished friend, Rainly.

best-selling science fiction series the Backworlds, Rainly

A Spark in the Universe

Rainly, the chatty and compassionate Cytran, epitomizes the essence of a friend lost but not forgotten. With chrome skin, luminous pink eyes, and bobbed white hair reminiscent of delicate plastic threads, she graces the Backworlds with her unwavering sweetness and perpetual desire to lend a helping hand.

A Bond Forged in Stars

Craze’s valiant act to rescue Rainly from the clutches of peril on Wism, enduring severe injuries in the process, marks the genesis of her liberation and coming into her own. As one of the original settlers on Pardeep Station, Rainly is a beacon of unity and compassion, harboring a heart that yearns to protect and uplift those around her.

A Tribute Beyond Pages

More than just a character in a story, Rainly represents a cherished friend I once gamed with online. Her name comes from the fantasy name my friend created. She suddenly passed, and I created Rainly as a tribute to her. Wanda spoke and typed like Rainly. If I base a character on someone, the character will embody their essence. And Rainly carries Wanda’s.

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Laughs that Defy Gravity! Spaceberg: A Cosmic Catastrophe with Bite #scifi #sciencefiction #scifibooks #sciencefictionbooks


Spaceberg, a science fiction novel brimming with disaster, humor, and the resilience of the human spirit where even the most improbable alliances hold the key to survival.

science fiction humor novel

The Arrival

In the vast expanse of the outer solar system, where the mysteries of the Oort Cloud remain mostly unknown, a calamity emerges—Spaceberg. This colossal entity crashes into the colonized minor planets in the Outer Sol, leaving devastation in its wake. The giant chunk of ice is bad enough, but it also has a bite—carnivorous balls resembling moss with lots of big teeth. Panic grips the solar system as Spaceberg tumbles toward the heavily populated Saturn system, and hope seems as distant as the farthest stars.

Enter Nikili Echols and Orbital Rescue Squad 51

Amidst the chaos there is a beacon of courage and resilience—Orbital Rescue Squad 51. Led by the indomitable Nikili Echols, the most decorated first responder in the solar system, the Squad races against time to mitigate the catastrophic aftermath of Spaceberg’s impact.

Nikili, a force of nature herself, navigates the dangers with unmatched determination. Her resolve is not only to save her family but to extend a lifeline to every soul caught in the perilous grip of the disaster. Yet, as the clock ticks relentlessly, she faces an unexpected twist—the need to join forces with her ex-husband, whose mere presence invokes a maelstrom of emotions.

Unlikely Allies and Superstitious Antics

Cosmic irony pairs Nikili with her ex-husband, a man whose superstitions are as abundant as space dust. Nikili finds herself grappling not only with the threat of Spaceberg but also with her ex-husband’s peculiar beliefs. His superstitions grate against her pragmatic nature like the irritating hum of cosmic static. However, in a surprising turn of events, their clash of ideologies holds the key to success—a blend of luck and organic plastic that could tip the scales in their favor.

The Race Against Time

The tension soars when it’s discovered Spaceberg is more than a crisis of ice in Jupiter proportions. On Spaceberg, mossy balls live that nibble at anything within reach. Saturn and the colonies on its moons are in its path, then the trajectory will take Spaceberg to Earth unless Nikili and her team can stop it.  She’ll need some of her ex’s superstitions to help her plan relying on luck and organic plastic.



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