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Happy Summer Solstice! Flash Sale Alert! Ends June 24, 2024! The Rifters Series is on Sale! #fantasy #steampunk #scifi #paranormal


🌞 Happy Summer Solstice! 🌞

To celebrate the Summer Solstice, I’m having an incredible flash sale at the Not of this World Bookshop! For one week only, from June 18 to June 24, you can get The Initiate, The Reader, and The Tracer for just 99c each. Plus, enjoy the audiobooks for only $1.99! Don’t miss out on these thrilling adventures at unbeatable prices!

popular steampunk fantasy series

The Initiate

🌟 The Initiate – Only 99c!

On her first day as an Initiate of the Rifters, Daelin Long faces a daunting challenge. Should she lie to her fellow Rifters or tell the truth? The wrong decision could doom her sister. As if that weren’t enough, there are volcanic killer ash bees to deal with. Meanwhile, Earl Blacke must choose between his chance at redemption and striking gold.

The Reader

📖 The Reader – Just 99c!

Daelin Long is bored with no monsters to fight until her brother disappears, leading to strange happenings: dead people come back to life, portraits transform into white trees, and rift weirdness ensues. Though the Rifters think it’s just an offended ghost, Daelin knows it’s something far more dangerous. She must find and destroy it before it destroys our world.

The Tracer

🚀 The Tracer – Now 99c!

Daelin Long returns in a thrilling new adventure as the portal connecting Earth to other worlds reopens. Thrust into a new world with seven moons, she faces a monster that exists in two universes at once. Armed with only her staff, wits, and an uninformed detective, Daelin must lead the fight to save her sister and protect Earth from impending apocalypse.

Audiobook Deals

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Immerse yourself in the world of Daelin Long with our audiobooks, now on sale for just $1.99! Perfect for summer road trips or relaxing by the pool.

📚 Don’t Miss Out! 📚

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with these fantastic deals. Head over to the Not of this World Bookshop and get your copies of The Initiate, The Reader, and The Tracer for just 99c each, and don’t forget to grab the audiobooks for only $1.99!

Grab Your Summer Reads Now and Enjoy the Adventure! 🌞




Tales of Adventure, Intrigue, and Resilience: The Rogue Element #scifi #sciencefiction #fantasy #darkfantasy #BookTwitter


Rogue versus world. Who will win?

science fiction stories from M. Pax

New planets, hidden lands, and places no one would dare dream of arise from the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Visions of the future where we verge on extinction and only daring can forge hope. Alternative realms on Earth lead to darkness. The Rogue Element is: “Patchworker 2.0”, “Corrosive”, “The Vagaries of Eloise Stanton”, and “The Wallows.”

Patchworker 2.0: Humanity is forced to live in domed cities as foul as the Earth we destroyed. Artificial Intelligence holds the remains of society together, and a special team of patchworkers keep the AI functioning at peak performance. Patchworker Evalyn Shore leads the investigation of a homicidal AI. The AI is taking over minds and leaving patchworkers as sacks of bio matter ready for recycling. Can Evalyn create the patch to repair the AI? Or will it kill her first?

Corrosive: Which seeds will aid Bex in saving her world? On an Earth ruined by long-forgotten ancestors, Bex sets off to establish a new homestead with her ideal man. The fact he’s a robot and has to do everything she says is a dream. For a day. When she arrives at the plot of land, where she and her dreambot will nurture the precious seeds she’s been entrusted with, it’s already occupied. By a man. With radical ideas as corrosive as the air.

The Vagaries of Eloise Stanton: Lucy’s family disappeared when she was a child, lost in a world of mirror. At every turn, she is confronted by images of her family in mirrors and panes of glass. Her experiments to bring them home continue to fail… until tonight. On the verge of at last being reunited, Lucy meets the woman who stands as the barrier between the two realms and the real battle begins.

The Wallows: Ever wish for a new life? Evernee Weems wants to escape in this world in the worst way. Her daughter needs everything, the rent is being raised, Evernee’s job barely pays minimum wage, and she has little hope for better. Inside a puddle is a different reality, and she jumps in, happy to trade her problems for a life in which worries don’t exist. Will it turn out to be better?

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#ScienceFiction Worth Reading: Starter Villain #BookReview #scifi #sciencefiction #booklover


A riotous rollercoaster that delivers a fresh and uproariously funny take on the world of supervillainy.

science fiction worth reading Starter Villain

Warning: This book often made me laugh out loud!

Packed with wit, charm, and unexpected twists, this novel isdelightful and had me laughing from start to finish.

Charlie, a divorced substitute teacher with dreams of opening a pub, finds himself thrust into an unimaginable situation. When his long-lost uncle Jake dies, he bequeaths Charlie a supervillain business complete with an island volcano lair. What follows is a madcap adventure that turns Charlie’s life upside down.

Scalzi’s comedic genius shines through every page with clever humor and witty dialogue. From the absurdity of giant laser death rays to the complexities of managing a lair with unionized dolphins, Starter Villain keeps the laughs coming. Scalzi’s ability to blend humor with depth and heart makes this novel a standout in the genre.

The plot, filled with unexpected twists, takes readers on an eccentric journey. The cast of characters, including hyperintelligent talking spy cats and a terrifying henchperson, adds layers of charm.

Charlie’s reluctant journey into the supervillain world is a joy to follow. Scalzi deftly explores themes of identity, family, and the choices that define us, all while maintaining a lighthearted and humorous tone. The pacing is spot-on, with each chapter delivering new and hilarious challenges for Charlie to navigate.

In a genre often filled with clichés, “Starter Villain” stands out as a refreshing and original take on the superhero/supervillain dynamic. It’s a testament to Scalzi’s storytelling prowess that he can inject so much humor into a tale that also explores the complexities of power and morality.

I definitely recommend. This is now my favorite Scalzi read. Here’s the blurb:

Inheriting your uncle’s supervillain business is more complicated than you might think. Particularly when you discover who’s running the place.

Charlie’s life is going nowhere fast. A divorced substitute teacher living with his cat in a house his siblings want to sell, all he wants is to open a pub downtown, if only the bank will approve his loan.

Then his long-lost uncle Jake dies and leaves his supervillain business (complete with island volcano lair) to Charlie.

But becoming a supervillain isn’t all giant laser death rays and lava pits. Jake had enemies, and now they’re coming after Charlie. His uncle might have been a stand-up, old-fashioned kind of villain, but these are the real thing: rich, soulless predators backed by multinational corporations and venture capital.

It’s up to Charlie to win the war his uncle started against a league of supervillains. But with unionized dolphins, hyperintelligent talking spy cats, and a terrifying henchperson at his side, going bad is starting to look pretty good.

In a dog-eat-dog world…be a cat.



Mary Shelley: The Mother of Science Fiction #WomensHistoryMonth #BookTwitter #scifi #sciencefiction


Rothwell, Richard; Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; National Portrait Gallery, London; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/mary-wollstonecraft-shelley-157761


In 1818, Mary Shelley gave life to “Frankenstein,” igniting the spark of science fiction.

Her tale of a scientist defying nature’s laws set the stage for a new literary frontier.

Shelley’s visionary storytelling delved into the ethical dilemmas of scientific advancement.

“Frankenstein” challenged readers to contemplate the consequences of playing god.

With its blend of gothic horror and speculative science, Shelley birthed a genre that continues to captivate minds today.

Her pioneering work laid the foundation for future sci-fi luminaries to explore the boundaries of imagination.

In Shelley’s creation, we find not just a monster, but the birth of an entire genre—science fiction.



Unveiling the Unseen: The enchanting world of The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear #Fantasy #Adventure #scifi #booktwitter #booklover


science fiction fantasy series

The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear beckons readers into the seemingly ordinary life of Hetty Locklear, a young woman whose daily life takes place amid the interplay of fantasy, fate, and the unseen.

At the outset, Hetty clutches her hard-earned diploma from community college like a ticket to a new beginning. Yet, the transition into adulthood proves to not be what she expected. Trapped in a dead-end job at a convenience store, Hetty’s aspirations seem distant and her dreams deferred.

However, beneath the veneer of daily drudgery lies a rich inner world—a sanctuary where Hetty reigns as the heroine of her own cosmic saga. In her imagination, she navigates the stars as the savior of an ancient galactic race,. Yet, reality intrudes. Her parents, absent but for the occasional missive, extend an invitation to join them on the Renaissance Faire circuit for the summer. Initially hesitant, Hetty’s decision takes a quick U-turn when a ghost begins to stalk her.

A seance tells her she’s in peril, so she runs as far from it as she can. This begins a journey of self-discovery and adventure, where the lines between reality and fantasy blur.

The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear is a masterful blend of genres, seamlessly weaving elements of fantasy, mystery, and coming-of-age narrative into a tapestry of intrigue and wonder. Through Hetty’s eyes, readers are transported into a realm where the mundane and the magical coalesce, inviting reflection on the nature of identity, destiny, and the power of imagination.

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Meet Hetty Locklear

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Unveiling the Mystique of Dante Grimes in The Rifter Series #fantasy #steampunk #scifi #sciencefiction


In the fantastical world of The Rifter series, where steampunk aesthetics meet magical rifts, one character stands out with an aura of mystery and power—Dante Grimes. As a Governor, Dante holds a position of authority where the rift is concerned. But Dante is not your typical ruler, nor your typical librarian; he harbors secrets that could shake the foundation of Settler.

the popular steampunk fantasy series The Rifters
The Disguised Governor

Dante Grimes wears the cloak of normalcy with finesse. In his assumed identity, he appears as a mild-mannered older gentleman managing the county library. Little does the world know that behind this façade lies a being of immense power and intrigue. Only a select few, including Earl Blacke, Daelin Long, and Charming Moon Knight, are privy to Dante’s true origins—he hails from the rift itself.

Dante Grimes from the popular steampunk fantasy The Rifters

Otherworldly Appearance

When Dante sheds his disguise, he reveals a form that transcends mortal beauty. With skin as blue as the deepest seas and tattoos of chrome that ripple beneath the surface as he channels his rift-based abilities, Dante presents a visage akin to that of a god. His long silver hair, composed of ethereal leaves, adds an otherworldly charm to his already striking presence.

Master of the Rift

Dante Grimes is not just a Governor; he is a master manipulator of the rift. His talents extend beyond the conventional, allowing him to traverse time and space effortlessly. He orchestrated the arrival of Earl Blacke from 1888 into the present day, as well as the appearance of Daelin’s ancestor from Revolutionary War times. Yet, his motives remain shrouded in secrecy.

The Puzzling Agenda

What drives Dante Grimes to weave the threads of time and bring individuals from different eras into the present? No one, not even those closest to him, fully understands his motives. He persistently urges Earl Blacke to become his general, insisting that without an army, Earth’s universe is doomed. However, the identity of the impending enemy remains a closely guarded secret, known only to Dante himself.

A Sandwich Shop Proprietor

After relinquishing his librarian position, Dante adopts the guise of a sandwich shop owner located 90 minutes from Settler. It is here that Daelin Long first encounters him. Despite attempting to keep a low profile, Dante’s presence is marked by an undeniable air of authority and an aura of unresolved destiny.

Tormenting Earl Blacke

Dante’s relentless pursuit of Earl Blacke as his potential general adds a layer of tension to the series. He remains insistent, undeterred by Earl’s resistance, compelling him to accept a role that may decide the fate of not just Settler, but the entire universe.

As readers delve deeper into “The Rifter” series, Dante Grimes emerges as a captivating enigma—a character whose motives, powers, and connection to the rift continue to intrigue. The path he treads is paved with secrets, and as the series unfolds, one can’t help but wonder: What lies at the heart of Dante’s cosmic machinations?

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