Coming in December, FREE New Release: The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe! #Giveaway #steampunk #fantasy #scifi


I’m giving away a holiday treat this December! The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe will be free to everyone who joins the M. Pax Dimension! Stay tuned for the cover reveal!

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The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe is a new story set in Buffalo, NY. The city of my origins! It begins the night before April Fools’ Day. Lainee Corsault’s neighbor is out vacuuming her garden. Strange, indeed! The next morning, giant peas come banging on Lainee’s back door, and there’s a woman from the 1900s on the front porch. Things only get stranger from there!

A blend of steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, time travel, and more, The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe¬†was written with love. It’s filled with places, people, and dreams that have been and will always be part of my life.

To enjoy this special treat, sign up for the M. Pax Dimension! Bonus! You get 4 more FREE books. The first two books in the best-selling science fiction series, TheBackworlds, and the first two books in the popular steampunk fantasy series, The Rifters are yours as well. You can opt out at any time.



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