First draft of Endpoint, Backworlds Book 8 is Done! #scifi

Getting the 8th book in the Backworlds series written was a long time in the creation tank.  It’s not done yet, but the first draft is done, and it feels great to finally say that.

There is a ton of editing to do, and I’m already hard at work at it. So far, this book is 205 single-spaced pages and 120,000 words. The trials with the Quassers come to a conclusion, and everyone has a part to play in the future of the Backworlds. It was a blast to write and I had a lot of balls in the air that needed to be woven in and make sense. And if you know my books, you know I like twists and turns and the nonconventional.

Although Endpoint is far from finished, it’s closer, and I am determined to release it later this year. So, stay tuned!




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retrofuturistic image in blue & orange of a black woman holding a holographic display. Graphics are grouped and in several layers for easy editing. The file can be scaled to any size.

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