Rifters Series

rifters fantasy series

The Series

Enter the peculiar realm of The Rifters, a weird western series that fuses sci-fi, fantasy, and steampunk in a quaint Oregonian town. Experience the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon as you delve into a thrilling tale of unexpected twists and turns that will have you at the edge of your seat. Join Daelin Long on her journey to the Wild West, where she seeks a fresh start but instead finds her sister missing and a phantom stealing heads. And find out why The Rifters series has gained a cult following.  This entire series is also available in audiobook.

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The Books

  • The Rifters – Daelin Long is starting a new life in the small town of Settler, Oregon after her dream job in New York City comes to an end. The tiny town holds a lot of secrets from its oddly fashioned devices to strange lights in the night sky. And there’s a phantom outlaw committing gruesome murders. Was Daelin’s sister killed? With her sister missing, Daelin doesn’t know who she can trust.


  • The Initiate – Daelin Long faces a daunting challenge on her first day as an Initiate of the Rifters. Does she lie to her fellow Rifters or tell the truth? The wrong decision will doom her sister. Then there are some pesky volcanic killer ash bees to deal with. Meanwhile, Earl Blacke must choose between his chance at redemption and a shot at striking gold.


  • The Reader – Daelin Long finds herself bored with no monsters to fight until her brother disappears. Strange happenings follow – dead people come back to life, portraits are replaced with white trees, rift weirdness is going on, and the rift should be sealed until the summer. The Rifters believe it’s just an offended ghost, but Daelin knows it’s something far more dangerous and she must find and destroy it before it destroys our world.


  • The Tracer – Daelin Long returns in a thrilling new adventure as the portal connecting Earth to other worlds reopens, and she’s thrust into a new world with seven moons to face a monster that can exist in two universes at once. Armed with only her staff, wits, and an uninformed detective, she must lead the fight to save her sister and protect Earth from the impending apocalypse.



Daelin Long from the popular steampunk series, The Rifters
Daelin Long
Charming from the popular steampunk series, The Rifters
Charming Moon Knight
Cordelia Swit from the popular steampunk series, The Rifters
Cordelia Swit


popular steampunk fantasy Rifters enerlyzer
popular steampunk fantasy Rifters enerlyzer


popular steampunk fantasy Rifters transputer


Check out the town of Settler in which the Rifters takes place:

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