May the Fourth Be with You! May is the Month for Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books #scifibooks #giveaway

Are you a fan of fantasy and science fiction?

Then you’ll want to mark your calendar for the month of May, because it’s a great time to grab some free books! Throughout the entire month of May, there are two exciting book promotions going on that you won’t want to miss.

Free Fantasy & Sci-Fi May

First up is Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi May. During this promotion, dozens of authors are offering their fantasy and sci-fi books for free. You’ll find everything from epic high fantasy to space opera adventures, all available at no cost to you. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover new authors and explore new worlds without spending a dime.

free sci-fi and fantasy



Perma Free Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Mystery / Horror

But that’s not all. May is also Perma Free Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Mystery / Horror month. During this promotion, you’ll find dozens of books that are permanently free on all retailers. These books cover a range of genres, from fantasy and sci-fi to mystery and horror. You’ll find everything from classic tales to fresh new voices, all waiting to be discovered.

perma free sci-fi and fantasy


Get Reading!

Whether you’re a fan of dragons and wizards, spaceships and aliens, or ghosts and ghouls, there’s something for everyone during these book promotions. And with books available on all retailers, you’re sure to find something that suits your reading preferences.

So don’t miss out on Free Fantasy and Sci-Fi May and May Perma Free Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Mystery / Horror. Head to your favorite ebook retailer and start exploring today!

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