My Cancer is Dead! #cancer #cancersurvivor #MPaxDimension

The best news ever! My cancer is dead!

cancer news

I had my surgery last Thursday and am recovering quite well. I’m still sore, but otherwise okay. The surgeon called this morning to say that the pathology shows no residual cancer. That means chemo did its job and killed it. Yaaaay!! Thank the universe I didn’t go through the torment of chemo for nothing!

I know, there are lots of exclamation points in this post. When else am I to use them? Certainly finding out my cancer is dead is a reason to use thousands of them!!!

I still have radiation and have to get the port removed, but it’s a relief to know there’s no longer cancer inside me trying to kill me. My long, dark, and overwhelming tunnel has a light at the end of it. Woo hoo!!!!





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