Alien Double Feature – Short Story Collection eBook


  • Two science fiction stories about first contact from the aliens’ point of view
  • eBook edition
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Two great stories about alien worlds in one book.

Wings of the Guiding Suns

Sita is born to be the emissary between dragonkind and a world on the verge of doom. If she saves the people about to become extinct, she will join her fellow dragons sailing on the solar strands. If she fails, her life will end the moment the dying world does. The choice is simple: leave and live. Yet, the people resist and time is running out.


Noret’s world is destroyed by an attack on the moon. It sends the city tumbling and kills thousands. Among the dead is her bonded, whom she cannot survive without. Her kind has never known violence, but an act of war must be answered. What will be her reply?


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