Deadly Sins Short Story eBook Bundle


  • 3 bite-sized ebook stories featuring the deadly sins
  • Includes: The Fall, Blood is Thicker than Time, and Poetic Greed
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This bundle includes 3 short stories featuring deadly sins.

The Fall  Mankind’s Last Gasp. I race to plant the last seeds of humanity on a habitable world, fighting for survival. The aliens ask whether I have the right. What I believe turns out not to be true, and I ponder their question and the pride of my race.

Blood is Thicker than Time   This wrath transcends time.  Eleanor and Teri’s souls are caught in a never-ending loop. They are destined to meet in every life and repeat their sins of vengeance and wrath.

Poetic Greed   One doctor’s greed is bad for your health. Dr. Kantriss is praised by the media for working miracles. Only, her miracles are an illusion, hiding her true intentions.




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