Magic Short Story eBook Bundle


  • 3 bite-sized ebook short stories involving fantasy and magic
  • Includes: The Wulfing, Blue Moon, and A Flight of Fancy
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Includes 3 bite-sized ebook short stories about magic.

The Wulfing   Believe or Die. It’s Nerys’s final day with her mate and family. She has been summoned to go out beyond the known lands into the wulfing to expand resources and territory. The wulfing gives, but it also kills, and most fail to bring its blessings to fruition.

A Flight of Fancy   What does it take to be mighty? The Seed King summons Fancy and gives her form. He sends her out on the winds where she hopes her whispers can inspire something mighty.

Blue Moon  Old magic and a rare moon. The wind kicks up, and it’s a blue moon. Claudette stitches a spell to bring back her lost love.


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