Rainly: The Chatterbox Cytran with a Heart of Chrome from the Best-Selling Backworlds Series! #scifi #sciencefiction


In the boundless expanse of the Backworlds series resides a character whose presence illuminates every page—a character born from the spirit of a cherished friend, Rainly.

best-selling science fiction series the Backworlds, Rainly

A Spark in the Universe

Rainly, the chatty and compassionate Cytran, epitomizes the essence of a friend lost but not forgotten. With chrome skin, luminous pink eyes, and bobbed white hair reminiscent of delicate plastic threads, she graces the Backworlds with her unwavering sweetness and perpetual desire to lend a helping hand.

A Bond Forged in Stars

Craze’s valiant act to rescue Rainly from the clutches of peril on Wism, enduring severe injuries in the process, marks the genesis of her liberation and coming into her own. As one of the original settlers on Pardeep Station, Rainly is a beacon of unity and compassion, harboring a heart that yearns to protect and uplift those around her.

A Tribute Beyond Pages

More than just a character in a story, Rainly represents a cherished friend I once gamed with online. Her name comes from the fantasy name my friend created. She suddenly passed, and I created Rainly as a tribute to her. Wanda spoke and typed like Rainly. If I base a character on someone, the character will embody their essence. And Rainly carries Wanda’s.

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