The Colony: #SciFi #MovieReview

Colony on Netflix is a dystopian where those who left Earth to colonize another planet want to see if their survival has better odds if they return to Earth.

The colonists on Keplar can’t reproduce. The radiation off-world has killed any hope of humans thriving. Earth, however, is all water.

This movie has a lot of flaws, however, it is nicely filmed and the acting is very good. The main character, Louise Blake, had me rooting for her through the entire movie. She has a lot of obstacles to overcome, and she does so with confidence and grit. She will see her mission completed… for the many. However, she has other motives for returning to Earth.

If you think too much about the story, the logic will slip like sand through your hands. Same goes for the ending. It was rather vague and ambiguous. Two minutes could have been spent with something more solid and meaningful. At least, I would have appreciated that.  Every story deserves a decent ending.

It’s worth a watch, though. I was entertained and would actually like to know more about this version of Earth. So for that and the acting, I give this movie a one beer rating. One is enough to have fun.

It’s streaming on Netflix. Here’s the trailer if you want a peek:



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