Wandering Weeds / The Tumbas

Wandering Weeds

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Published by Hall Brothers Entertainment

They roll in from unknown places, mysterious and unexplained. They take root, take over, spread to all corners and refuse to be eradicated. No one can say why they came, but there’s no arguing that they’re up to no good. These plants are out for blood, and getting rid of them will take a certain kind of hero – the best kind. Twenty-five tales of evil weeds to entertain, enthrall and change the way you look at the unwelcome invaders in your lawn. Wandering Weeds

The TumbasOn a dusty red world inside a dome called the Pearl, Rett is selected to be the next tumba master, if she bonds with her herd and the tumbas accept her.

Before she can, the tumbas’ feral ancestors crash in through the dome, killing her teacher and her new hatchlings. Rett, the tumbas, and their whole world teeters on ruin. In order to save it, she must embrace a past she barely remembers in her dreams.




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