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Two Fantastic Series at a Spectacular Price

As the holiday season approaches, what better way to treat yourself or a fellow book lover than with fantastic deals on captivating series? This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’m offering a limited-time offer of 45% off the complete Backworlds and Rifters series.
best-selling science fiction and popular fantasy steampunk books

The Backworlds Series: A Journey of Unlikely Heroes

Are you ready for an exhilarating journey through the Backworlds? The complete Backworlds series, consisting of all eight books, is now available at a 45% discount. Join the charismatic character, Craze, as he’s banished from his home planet, thrusting him into a whirlwind adventure that will transform him into an unlikely hero.

  • Surprising Plot Twists: The Backworlds series is known for its unexpected plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, page after page.
  • Everyday Heroes: One of the series’ defining features is its focus on ordinary people rising to the occasion and facing extraordinary challenges. These relatable characters make the series a must-read for fans of science fiction and epic adventures.
  • Upcoming Release: Exciting news for fans – a new book is set to join the Backworlds series in 2024! Don’t miss the chance to catch up on Craze’s adventures before the next installment.

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The Rifters Series: A Fusion of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Steampunk

If you’re looking for something truly unique and captivating, The Rifters series awaits you. This weird western series combines science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk in a quaint Oregonian town. As part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, you can enjoy all four books in the series at a 45% discount.

  • Awe-Inspiring Landscapes: The Rifters series takes you on a breathtaking journey through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon. It’s a place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in the most unexpected ways.
  • Thrilling Mysteries: Join Daelin Long as she embarks on a journey to the Wild West, hoping to start anew. Instead, she finds her sister missing and a phantom stealing heads. Prepare for a series of unexpected twists and turns that have garnered The Rifters a devoted following.

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This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t miss your chance to explore the imaginative worlds of the Backworlds and Rifters series by M. Pax. With a generous 45% discount, you can dive into the adventures of Craze and Daelin Long, two remarkable characters navigating their respective worlds filled with surprises and challenges. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, epic adventures, or unique blends of genres, these series have something for everyone. Treat yourself or a fellow book lover to these captivating journeys, and discover why these series have gained a devoted following. Happy reading!



Lepsi: A Backworlder’s Quest for Redemption #scifi #sciencefiction


In the vast and diverse universe of the Backworlds series, one character stands out for his tumultuous journey from a life of privilege and suffering to redemption and the pursuit of a noble cause. Lepsi has faced unimaginable challenges and personal demons. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the quest for redemption in the face of profound mistakes.

Lepsi from the best-selling science fiction series, the Backworlds

Childhood in Doka: A Life of Misery

Lepsi’s early life was far from idyllic. Born into a noble family on the unforgiving world of Doka, he was subjected to the cruelty of his father and brother. Their unkindness and abuse drove Lepsi to seek solace and escape in the form of a friendship that would change the course of his life forever.

The Bond of Friendship: Talos and Lepsi’s Great Escape

Lepsi found a ray of hope in the form of Talos, a friend who would become his closest ally. Together, they devised a plan to escape Doka. Fueled by determination and the desire for a better life, they embarked on a journey that would take them to the edge of the Backworlds.

A New Beginning: Pardeep Station

On their journey through the planets on the Edge of the Backworlds, Lepsi and Talos encountered Craze, who played a pivotal role in their lives. With Craze’s help, they acquired a spaceship, The Sequi, and together, they created a home on the remote moon, Pardeep Station. For a time, it seemed that Lepsi’s troubles were finally behind him.

Tragedy Strikes: Lepsi’s Enslavement by the Quassers

However, fate had other plans for Lepsi. He fell victim to an evil and enigmatic alien race known as the Quassers. These sentient, living ships kidnapped and enslaved him, plunging Lepsi into a harrowing ordeal that would scar him deeply.

A Desperate Quest for Redemption: Lepsi’s Ill-Fated Plan

The war with the Quassers pushed Lepsi to the brink. In a desperate bid to save Talos and end the conflict, he sought to lead the Quassers through a connection forged during his time as a slave. Unfortunately, this attempt went terribly awry, leading to dire consequences. The Quassers killed billions while Lepsi led them.

Lepsi’s Redemption

Haunted by the consequences of his actions, Lepsi embarks on a journey to find redemption. He dedicated himself to rescuing other aliens in captivity and helping them return to their homelands, seeking to make amends for the devastation he unwittingly caused and many blame him for, even some he calls friend.

A Glimpse into Lepsi’s Physical Appearance and Character

Lepsi’s seven-foot-tall frame, curly red hair, and piercing blue eyes make him a distinctive figure in the Backworlds universe. His loyalty and unwavering commitment to doing the right thing define his character, despite the deep regrets that weigh on his conscience.

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Captain Talos: Navigating the Backworlds with Unwavering Determination #scifi #sciencefiction

In the vast expanse of the Backworlds, where remote planets and hidden systems hold untold hardships, one character stands out as a beacon of hope, resilience, and unbridled passion for exploration: Captain Talos. Hailing from the planet Doka, Talos’s journey from a life of struggle to becoming a remarkable captain is a tale of inspiration and determination that resonates.

Captain Talos from the best-selling science fiction series, The Backworlds

The Early Days on Doka

Talos’s story begins on the planet of Doka, a world on the edge of the central planets of the Backworlds. Raised by a loving mother, his life took a tragic turn when she succumbed to a deadly plague, which was a remnant from the Foreworld War. Left orphaned and adrift, Talos faced the harsh realities of life on Doka. He didn’t lose his heart, however. He gave away his only pair of shoes to help a gal who had a chance to get off Doka. On Doka, there is little opportunity. The nobles remain noble, and the rest remain riffraff.

A Fateful Meeting

Fate intervened in the form of a chance encounter with Lepsi, a fellow Backworlder who would become Talos’s lifeline. With a borrowed coin from Lepsi, Talos found a glimmer of hope. The coin permitted him to buy a new pair of shoes to beg for work. Only, he found a better opportunity at the docks where a cargo ship needed of crew.  This put him in a position to help Lepsi at a later point. Together, they embarked on a journey that would change the course of their lives.

The Pursuit of Dreams

With Lepsi’s unwavering companionship, Talos ventured into the fringes of the Backworlds, seeking new horizons and experiencing the wonders of the galaxy. It was during these journeys that he encountered Craze and found a place to call home on Pardeep Station. Talos’s loyalty and ability to redraw the line between hero and villain made him popular among the residents of Pardeep Station.

Friendship and Heartbreak

Talos’s devotion to Lepsi was unwavering, and he considered Lepsi his dearest friend. When Lepsi mysteriously went missing, Talos was left heartbroken and determined to uncover the truth. The discovery of a crucial clue about Lepsi’s disappearance only fueled Talos’s determination. He was relentless in his pursuit of answers, showcasing his resilience and the depth of his friendships.

A Love Discovered

Amidst his adventurous exploits, Talos found love in the Backworlds. However, his insatiable desire to explore the galaxy shows no signs of slowing down. He dreams of establishing his own trade route, yet the passion for a specific trade eludes him.

An Indomitable Spirit

Captain Talos, the aviarman from Doka, exemplifies the spirit of exploration, friendship, and perseverance that defines the Backworlds series. His journey from poverty and loss to becoming a renowned captain is a testament to the power of determination and the enduring bonds of friendship. As readers follow his adventures through the galaxy, they are sure to be inspired by his indomitable spirit and unwavering pursuit of his dreams, making him a cherished character.

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Sneak Peak at a new Backworlds Adventure: Escape from Doka #scifi #sciencefiction

Here’s your exclusive look at my new novel, Escape from Doka: A Backworlds Adventure. This will be free to everyone on my mailing list in December 2023! You won’t be able to get this Talos and Lepsi adventure any other way. JOIN

a new adventure from the best-selling science fiction series, The Backworlds


At the door beside the gate, Lepsi pressed his hand to the lock. It slid open, revealing the city and all its chaos. The lords’ homes were on streets lined with trees that sprawled like umbrellas with tiny orange flowers. The flowers smelled sweet, disguising the odors of traffic and the masses.

Beeps and shouts and squealing engines blasted Lepsi’s ears, and the swarm of folks hanging around jumbled in a mosaic of color. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust before he could make out individual people. Twenty of them moved toward him like a burp, threatening to topple him with the force of their momentum and stench.

One bloke fell to his knees, a bloke with shorn blue hair and bare feet, an aviarman like Lepsi and his family. “I need shoes to get a job. Please, brother. Once I’m employed, I’ll pay you back. Promise.” The blue hair signaled common blood.

The other supplicants backed away and left. Obviously, they couldn’t offer to repay Lepsi.

“I carry no chips on me,” Lepsi answered and refrained from fingering the coin in his pocket.

“Maybe lend me a pair of shoes, then?” The fellow blinked at Lepsi’s fancy footwear. “Maybe you have something you wear for gardening or the like, mate?” The cuffs on his canvas shirt were frayed and stained.

“What happened to your shoes?”

“A gal I met on her way to the docks needed them. She had a job offer on Elstwhere, including the fare. Someone has to make it out of this wretched hovel, brother. The gatekeepers don’t let you on a shuttle without shoes, ‘n no employer will speak to me about work without shoes.”

The last thing Lepsi needed was another brother. “Did you know her? The gal?”


“What if she made up the story?”

“Then I don’t want to know. I want to think at least my shoes made it off Doka.”

Lepsi could empathize with such a hope. Thrusting his hand into his pocket, he fished out the coin and gave it to the fellow. “Here. I hope my chip will help you earn your way off this planet. But I don’t know where you can buy a pair of shoes for a mere chip.” Lepsi hoped the fellow knew where to buy what he needed. Lepsi wanted his chip to do as much for this young man as the young man’s shoes did for that gal.

“A sterling chip? This will more than do. May the galaxy grant your every wish.” Standing, the fellow shook Lepsi’s hand longer than was polite. “You’ll have your chip back, mate. I promise.” Waving, he ran off up the street.

Lepsi felt as empty as his pocket. He didn’t know why, didn’t know why he regretted the stranger leaving. He didn’t even know his name. “I’m an idiot,” he sighed, heading in the opposite direction, toward the better shops.


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new novel in the best-selling science fiction series, The Backsworlds


excerpt, copyright of M. Pax, 2023, all rights reserved


FREE Novel – Escape from Doka: A Backworlds Adventure, The Epic Beginning of Talos and Lepsi #scifi #sciencefiction #booktwitter #freebooks

Coming soon! A new novel set in the best-selling space opera series, The Backworlds, is on the way. Escape from Doka features fan favorites Lepsi and Talos. The best part is this new adventure is FREE!

new novel in the best-selling space opera series, The Backworlds


Get ready for a new adventure in the Backworlds.

This novel adds to the story of the beloved characters, Lepsi and Talos, and begins on the planet Doka before our heroes meet. Lepsi struggles with the cruelty he suffers from his father and brother. He yearns for freedom, but he can’t get past dreaming to planning. It’s a fantasy he thinks will never happen.

Talos loses his mother and his sense of purpose. He wants nothing more than to get away from the grief and poverty that haunts him. But, he gave away his shoes to a gal who got a job on Elstwhere. She couldn’t board the transport without shoes, and Talos wanted at least part of him to get off the planet. He begs for a chip to buy a new pair so that he can find work to earn fare on a passenger transport.

A chance arrives…

A massive cargo ship arrives and is in need of more crew. It’s leaflets beg for hire-ons and get noticed by both Lepsi and Talos, who eagerly make their plans to leave Doka. It’s easier to escape for Talos. Talos has no one to answer to and no one who will miss him. Lepsi’s absence would be noticed, and Lepsi’s father swears to hunt him down if he ever leaves. To get hired onto the cargo transport, Lepsi and Talos need each other.

Both intend to stay on the ship for a long time, taking advantage of what it has to offer. However, Talos gets too ambitious and gets involved in smuggling. This lands him in a heap of trouble with some pirates.

Lepsi’s father follows the ship to the next port, haunting the docks with his lordly attitude and demanding the return of his son. He garners sympathy from strangers, which makes other members of the crew nervous. They can’t chance their pasts yanking them home, so abandon the ship in droves.

Talos and Lepsi end up kicked off the crew.

Scrambling to Escape…

Left with meager resources, Lepsi and Talos have to scrounge for the means to make their way in the Backworlds. They encounter unscrupulous captains, cutthroat Backworlders, more pirates, the authorities, and prison while trying to realize their dreams. Will they make it?

This Novel is FREE

Escape from Doka: A Backworlds Adventure will be given to everyone in the M. Pax Dimension at the beginning of December, and it will only be available to members of the M. Pax Dimension. It won’t be sold in stores. Don’t miss out! If you haven’t yet joined the M. Pax Dimension, get signed up now! Oh, and the full cover will be revealed shortly.



Embark on an Epic Adventure with The Backworlds Poster Packs! #scifi #sciencefiction

Are you ready to delve into the vast and captivating universe of The Backworlds series? It’s a space opera adventure with bioengineered descendants, fierce competition, and unlikely heroes. If you’re a fan of the series, treat yourself to the Backworlds Poster Packs, which include vibrant scenes and characters from the series.

best selling science fiction series the Backworlds

In the Backworlds, Craze embarks on an incredible adventure that will shape his destiny. Banished from his home planet, he must navigate the treacherous planets at the edge of the Backworlds, evading cutthroats, pirates, and thieves. Craze’s transforms from an ordinary individual to an unlikely hero as he rises to the challenges thrown his way and discovers who he truly is.

best selling space opera series the Backworlds

Each poster set contains 10 images, which are a mix of stunning scenes and portraits.

Poster Pack 1 includes: Craze, Lepsi, Talos, Dactyl, Rainly, Pardeep Station, Pauder, Doc, Meelo, and Wonder Ricklits.

Poster Pack 2 includes: Captain Kaesare, Pardeep in its heyday, Sanjy Strom, a battle scene, the Seuk lab, Xior, another battle scene, Dauffer, Captain Kaesare’s freighter, and Lepsi’s return to Pardeep Station after the war.

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