Exploring the Cosmos: Alien Double Feature Takes Readers on an Interstellar Journey #scifi #sciencefiction #bookrecommendation


An exhilarating voyage through the cosmos!  Alien Double Feature is a captivating collection eager to explore worlds beyond imagination.

Best-selling science fiction books

Two stories of first contact told from the alien point of view.

Aftermath: A Tale of Sacrifice and Courage

Noret, who is unaccustomed to the horrors of war, grapples with the aftermath of a devastating attack one of her world’s moons. She must navigate the complexities of duty and sacrifice to protect everything she holds dear. The narrative unfolds with gripping intensity, exploring themes of courage, resilience, and the true cost of war.

Wings of the Guiding Suns: A Hero’s Quest

Amidst the solar winds, Sita, a member of the dragonkind, embarks on a mission of unparalleled importance: to save a dying world from certain destructionrace of people from extinction. The narrative unfolds with epic proportions, as Sita confronts impossible odds and races against time to fulfill her destiny. Themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the interconnectedness of all life resonate throughout this enthralling adventure, drawing readers into a world where the fate of an entire civilization hangs in the balance.

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Valentina Tereshkova: Breaking the Cosmic Ceiling as the First Woman in Space #WomensHistoryMonth #Space

In 1963, Valentina Tereshkova etched her name into history books as the first woman to journey beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

Tereshkova’s iconic mission aboard Vostok 6 marked a monumental leap forward for women in space exploration.

Born in 1937 in the Soviet Union, Tereshkova’s humble beginnings did not deter her from dreaming of the stars.

Selected from a pool of skilled parachutists, Tereshkova’s fearless spirit and determination propelled her into space.

During her three-day solo mission, Tereshkova orbited the Earth 48 times, conducting experiments and gathering crucial data.

Her historic flight shattered gender barriers and inspired generations of women to reach for the cosmos.

Tereshkova’s legacy as a space pioneer paved the way for future female astronauts to venture into the unknown.

Decades later, her indelible mark on space exploration continues to inspire humanity’s quest for discovery.

Valentina Tereshkova’s journey into space serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment, proving that the sky is no limit for those with the courage to reach for the stars.

Look at this tiny little thing she traveled in! Wow! Vostok 6 capsule (flown 1963). Photographed at the Science Museum, London, March 2016

Andrew Gray, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons


#SciFi Worth Reading: Saturn Run #BookReview

Saturn Run by John Sandford and Ctien

I love a great space mystery. This one starts with an alien space vessel spotted entering orbit around Saturn.

The race begins. The US and China compete to get to Saturn first, to be the first to meet the aliens, to be the first to gain new technologies. Then, the ship leaves. But the race is no less intense.

What did the alien ship do at Saturn? Did it leave something there? Is there something there we can’t see by telescope?

Well, I really wanted to know. So I kept reading.

The character interactions are really captivating, and the characters have layers that get peeled away as the story goes on. I thought a really, really long time was spent on how the engines and propulsion worked. Too much time. However, that didn’t take away from me enjoying the story.

Once the ship finally gets to Saturn, the thrills and twists keep going. I wish more time had been spent at Saturn and the mysteries there. But again, I still really liked this book. A lot.

A lot of the plot was pretty intense, pushed along by the race with the Chinese, the politics, and the issues with building a vessel that could get to Saturn in a relatively short time frame. Very well done.

Here’s the official description:

The year is 2066. A Caltech intern inadvertently notices an anomaly from a space telescope – something is approaching Saturn, and decelerating. Space objects don’t decelerate. Spaceships do.

A flurry of top-level government meetings produces the inescapable conclusion: Whatever built that ship is at least 100 years ahead in hard and soft technology, and whoever can get their hands on it exclusively and bring it back will have an advantage so large, no other nation can compete. A conclusion the Chinese definitely agree with when they find out.

The race is on, and an remarkable adventure begins – an epic tale of courage, treachery, resourcefulness, secrets, surprises, and astonishing human and technological discovery, as the members of a hastily thrown-together crew find their strength and wits tested against adversaries both of this earth and beyond. What happens is nothing like you expect – and everything you could want from one of the world’s greatest masters of suspense.



#SciFi Worth Watching: Dune Part 2 #MovieReview #DunePart2 #Dune2 #science fiction



science fiction movie review Dune Part 2
Dune Part 2 was sooo good. It was also very looong. (Be prepared to have to take a  restroom break).
I think this was one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Part one was really good, but this one was even better. The acting was seamless, like you didn’t notice acting. They were the people of Dune. The cinematography was flawless and grand and sweeping, adding to the emotions of the scene.
Husband and I were never bored. Not once during this 3 hour masterpiece. And, I don’t say that lightly. Dune is one of my favorite series, and I’ve not been overly fond of earlier attempts at making it. But this one, this one, I feel as if I’m watching the pages of the novel unfold. Spectacular!
They need to hurry up and make part 3!!!
I won’t say anything else, because I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. If you have yet to see Part 1, it’s currently streaming on Hulu.

The Force of Princess Leia: A Beacon of Strength in Sci-Fi #WomensHistoryMonth #scifi #sciencefiction

Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan emerged as a trailblazing symbol of resilience and independence in the realm of science fiction. In the original “Star Wars” trilogy, Leia shattered stereotypes by showcasing her unwavering courage and intelligence.

Unlike traditional damsels in distress, Leia was a leader of the Rebel Alliance, fighting alongside her comrades on the front lines. Her iconic line, “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope,” wasn’t a plea for rescue but a strategic move to save the galaxy.

Leia wielded blasters and diplomacy with equal prowess, proving that strength knows no gender. Behind the iconic hair buns and regal attire lay a woman unafraid to challenge tyranny and fight for justice.

Carrie Fisher’s portrayal infused Leia with wit, warmth, and an indomitable spirit, inspiring generations of fans. Princess Leia remains a beacon of hope and empowerment, reminding us that true strength comes from within.

Here was a princess who really didn’t need rescuing, changing stereotypes and giving young women a great role model.



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