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Hero is another word for D.E.A.D.


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The first shot of a new war echoes through the galaxy. Craze has high hopes for what the alliance with an old enemy, the Foreworlds, will do to defeat a worse enemy, the Quassers.

The test of a highly-advanced weapon, created by the efforts of the alliance, pushes tensions over the brink and kills thousands. To make it worse, the Foreworld ambassador is keeping secrets.

Conventional warfare against the Quassers isn’t working, and if the alliance ends, Craze has become the most hated man in the galaxy for no reason.

With nothing left to lose, Craze sets in motion one last chance for survival.





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What are you willing to lose in order to win?

Craze can no longer keep the evil Quassers contained, and winning the war gets harder. The Quassers unite forces with another enemy and become more threatening, more destructive, and more murderous.

Planet after planet falls, and Craze is desperate. The only chance he has is a glimpse at little hopes that might grow into a viable strategy. But only if the other planets work with him. So far, everybody is still looking out for themselves and hates him for the gut-wrenching decisions—the deaths of innocents in exchange for all of humanity’s survival.




The Best #SciFi and #Fantasy Books I read in 2021

These books weren’t published in 2021, but I read them this year, and I enjoyed every word. I read others but if I don’t like a book, I don’t review it.



  1.  The Empress of Forever by Max Gladstone. What an imaginative, creative, marvelous read. If you’re looking for original space opera, this novel certainly fits. Full Review


2.  Binti by Nnedi Okorafor.  I read this Hugo and Nebula winner cover to cover in one sitting. It deserves the awards. Full Review


3.  The Salvage Crew by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne. What started as a simple mission to recover ship parts became more and more immersed in problems and complexity. Full Review


4.  The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley.  From a realistic start, the story evolves into the more mystical and magical. The town of Bedlam is quite fantastic: glass cliffs; pollen that is bioluminescent; trees that can float on air; and stone statues that move.  Full Review


5.  A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. The galaxy it’s set in is awe-inspiring and full of novelty, yet it is also very familiar, which makes it an easy read. Full Review


6.  Flex by Ferrett Steinmetz. Most of us love to get lost in the beauty of our daydreams, which is very much like how the magic works in this book. It’s a great adventure with a great dose of self-discovery. Full Review 


7.  Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. The plot twists were fun and the action exciting. The character journey was as pivotal as the mystery of finding the witch creating the monsters.  Full Review


8.  Tentacles and Teeth by Ariele Sieling. Starts off at a gripping, intense pace and doesn’t let up. Full Review




#SciFi #MovieReview : Space Sweepers

A fun adventure set in space, with lots of space action, Space Sweepers is a fun watch.

It was a little long and the backstories were a bit clumsily done, but I felt like I was in space through the whole film.  And, the backstories add a lot to the plot and the story on an emotional level. It made it easier to connect with the characters.

On first impression, the main characters are not people you want to know, but their job isn’t pleasant. They’re outlaws and have few ethics. As we learn more about them, they become more likable, and I rooted for their victory.

The movie starts with a trip up into orbit on a space elevator. We stay in space for the rest of the movie. Sweepers clean up space debris in orbit and earn very little for their efforts. In fact, they often end up further in debt.

The plot centers around them stumbling across a very valuable piece of space debris. It can earn them a fortune and change their lives. The sticking point… the debris is alive.

There’s lots of action, fast flying ships, battle explosions, bad guys, adversaries, and adventure. The world-building is very well done, and I loved the way it ended.

Space Sweepers is definitely worth a watch. And, you don’t need beer!

This movie gets the coveted ‘beer is optional’ rating. It’s currently on Netflix.