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Heroes of Phenomena


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*A Flight of Fancy

“A Flight of Fancy” is inspired by PHENOMENA’S Whispers of Wonder. Fantasy short story. In the Grove of the Seed King, Fancy is summoned to court. She’s sent out to make the world better, how can just a mere fancy do something so mighty? Heroes of Phenomena

*Includes stories by:  Susan Kaye QuinnM. PaxAmy Willoughby-BurleJessica BellAlex J. CavanaughRuth LongDarynda JonesCrystal CollierSamantha Redstreake Geary & C. Lee McKenzie

Heroes of Phenomena is a global, cross-industry collaborative campaign encouraging the next generation of authors, artists & musicians! Heroes of Phenomena

Epic motion picture advertising music production house, audiomachine, will make a donation to the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra with every download of the Phenomena album companion collection.

A dedicated youth section showcases talented aspiring artists and authors from Elevate’s Life & Art Studios, alongside inspiring industry professionals and the winning entries of Phenomena’s Epic Heroes Event!

For the Hero in All of Us! Student-filmed book trailer! Support our inspired youth! Heroes of Phenomena


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Aspiring Artists & Authors of the Next Generation:
Daniel Pennystone
ms. annegirl
Brennah Whiteside
Carter Lundgren
Braelyn Whiteside
Emma Schneider
Caleb Lotz

Phenomena’s Epic Heroes Event Winners:
Sarah Aisling
Alayna Fairman
Nitish Raina
Melissa Muhlenkamp
Ryo Ishido
Lukas Jurco
Camille Cabezas
Elizabeth Ann Watts




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