Space Jockey

Space Jockey


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Space Jockey .. A science fiction anthology, featuring both classic science fiction and brand new science fiction short stories about that danger-filled career of the future… space pilot.

A young pilot thinks he knows the cost of war. Until he opens a forbidden
door…Space Jockey

If you’re piloting a cargo of convicts on Titan, you’re already in trouble. Things can still get worse.

After the war, humanity gave up dreaming of the stars. But not him.

Can a fleet of ships run by citizens stop famine from being used as a
weapon? Space Jockey

Every time he traveled to another world, he lost a little more of himself. Now they wanted him to make one last trip….

And more!

Philip K. Dick (Author), Jack Skillingstead (Author), Joself Vasicek (Author), Algis Budrys (Author), M. Pax (Author), Scott Whitmore (Author), Ethan Rodgers (Author), Jonathan Von Post (Author), Adrian Tymes (Author), Tara Maya (Editor)


13. Semper Audacia – M. Pax: Another fine example of Military SF work! I loved the “never say die” determination of an honorable soldier trying to do her job the best that she can. I also love the vivid descriptions and use of something as simple as self-motivation (just one more step) brought to a whole new level. A great read.



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