A Fun Underwater Adventure with The Meg 2: #MovieReview

If you’re looking for a popcorn movie with giant sea creatures and a good dose of action, this film delivers just that.

If you’ve visited here before, you may know I love my shark movies. The original Meg disappointed me, so I didn’t have high hopes for The Meg2. But you know what? This one was better. Lots better. There was more shark and it did fun stuff.

While it may not have been a cinematic masterpiece, it certainly delivered on the promise of entertainment. The film took me on an underwater adventure filled with a giant shark, dinosaurs, and even the unleashing of a Kraken. The combination of creatures added a thrilling element to the storyline. While some may argue that the science behind the plot was far from accurate (I’m one of those), it’s essential to remember that this film is meant for pure enjoyment rather than scientific accuracy.

Comparing it to its predecessor, I found The Meg 2 to be an improvement. The pacing seemed tighter, and the addition of the dinosaurs added an extra layer of fun. I love dinosaurs in movies as much as sharks. It’s evident that the filmmakers aimed to elevate the stakes and deliver a more exhilarating experience, and in that regard, they succeeded.

The Meg 2 knows its strengths and plays to them. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of escapism, and The Meg 2 provides it in spades. For the addition of dinosaurs, dinosaurs eating people, and a kraken, I give The Meg 2 a one beer rating.


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