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Ad Astra has stunning cinematography and strong performances from Brad Pitt and the supporting cast. The world-building and attention to detail in the space setting is also impressive.

However, the plot of the film can be confusing at times, with certain elements feeling underdeveloped or not fully explored. For example, the scene with the monkeys on the space station felt out of place and disconnected from the main storyline. It had nothing to do with the rest of the story. So, it shouldn’t have been there, or it should have connected to the later plot. It was probably just added for some excitement in an otherwise rather slow plot.

While the film had some compelling moments, the overall story felt somewhat lacking in terms of depth and complexity. Ad Astra has received mixed reactions from critics and audiences. Some criticized it for being overly contemplative and slow-paced, with a story that lacks coherence and depth. I’m with that camp of opinions. But I did like spending time in space with Brad Pitt. That’s not too shabby.

In the end, Ad Astra may be worth a watch for those interested in space films or those who appreciate impressive visual effects. However, it may not be the most satisfying viewing experience for those looking for a strong and cohesive storyline. So for that failing, and it’s a big one, I give it a 2 beer rating. 2 beers will make it more fun. I actually bought this DVD a few years ago. Took us a while to watch. Now I know why we weren’t too excited.


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