Blade Runner 2049: #MovieReview #scifi #science fiction



Blade Runner 2049 is a visually stunning film with impressive cinematography and a haunting score that effectively captures the dystopian future world it portrays. The acting performances were also solid, with Ryan Gosling delivering a strong lead performance as K, a replicant blade runner.

However, while the film was not terrible, I found myself somewhat disappointed with the character arc of the main character. While K starts off as an intriguing and sympathetic figure, I felt that his development throughout the film was somewhat lacking, and the climax of his story left me feeling unfulfilled. I was like, what? To me, it made his life seem pointless and sad. I wanted better than that.

Additionally, there were certain plot points and character motivations that didn’t make sense to me, and I found myself questioning the logic of certain events in the story. But I’m always willing to overlook that stuff if the story is good enough. If K’s story had ended better, I would have overlooked them.

Despite these criticisms, I still found Blade Runner 2049 to be a decent watch overall. I give it a 2 beer rating only because I didn’t like K’s story arc. Fans of the original Blade Runner film and those who enjoy atmospheric sci-fi films with strong visual aesthetics may still find plenty to appreciate in this sequel. I can’t remember where this was steaming… either Netflix, Paramount, or Hulu.


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