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2067: #SciFi #MovieReview

The opening shots of this movie reminded me of Blade Runner and the new Total Recall. For a few minutes, the movie seemed very familiar. Then it went off on its own path. The beginning was really promising and grabbed my attention.

In 2067, there is no more oxygen and no more plants. The last humans are dying. The main character is soon sent into the future in an attempt to save humanity from extinction.

As I said, it started great. In the middle, well, I wasn’t entirely sure as to what was going on. Normally, I’m okay with this. However, a little bit of a hint would have been nice. I think the moviemakers were being too clever, and only they were in on what they were being clever about.

The visuals were nice. The beginning and ending were interesting. As usual, with most sci-fi movies, a little bit more time spent on the ending would have made it a more satisfactory watch. There was lots of crying by the characters. There was too much time spent on the main character lamenting over his tragic past.  This could have been better told and more interesting by keeping the story moving forward.  I would have liked more character growth and action. There were twists, but I’m not sure they made sense.

There were a few spots where I had to go back because I had no idea what had happened. Even rewatching those parts, I wasn’t entirely sure.

There was no dancing or cheese. Both would have made the movie more fun. The addition of human-munching dinosaurs or land sharks would have been a plus as well. As it is, I give this movie a 2.5 beer rating. It could have been better, but it could have been worse. And, I’ve seen worse. Much worse. Yup, it’ll take at least 2.5 beers to enjoy this flick. 2067 is currently streaming on Hulu.



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SkyFire: Disaster #MovieReview

I love disaster movies. I love the logic-defying action and the cheesy scenes. Skyfire has tons of great pyroclastic scenes. It was really well done with the special effects. The story is good too. It injected enough character and plot to make you care about what happens. Not every action-filled movie has that. When they don’t, they can be quite boring.

The main character loses her mother in a volcanic eruption when a young girl. This tragedy colors her life and her father’s. The main disaster takes place at the same volcano. An amusement park is built on the volcano. This part reminded me of Jurrasic Park. What could possibly go wrong? Well, lots and lots.

There were a few times when I thought the movie was over, but it wasn’t. Unlike some science fiction movies that don’t spend any time on the ending, this one had a very thorough ending. I didn’t mind, as the fireworks and spewing lava were a lot of fun. There was some cheese, too. Can’t have a disaster movie without cheese. Just wouldn’t be right.

I give this movie the beer is optional rating. I really liked it. It was fun and fiery and had lots of volcano danger.  Currently streaming on Hulu.


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The Mandalorian: #SciFi #Streaming #Review

If I see Darth Vader’s helmet when looking at a mountain, does that mean I’ve watched too much Star Wars? Is there such a thing?

At any rate, The Mandalorian is an excellent series. Warning: it’s hard to watch just one. The story kept unfolding, and I was eager to see where it went.

The series takes place about 10 years after Return of the Jedi, and looks at the Star Wars universe from a different angle. It’s a bit grittier, a bit darker. I like that. There’s no Darth Vader, of course. He’s quite dead, but the Mandalorian visits familiar planets and some familiar characters pop in now and then. Plus, the baby Yoda character is really adorable. Who doesn’t want one?

The Star Wars universe is vast and filled with thousands of stories. This series put out by Disney is a great way to explore one of them. The ending of season 2 had me cheering. There will be a season 3, and I have to wonder where the story will go next. I will for sure watch.

You don’t need beer to watch The Mandalorian, unless you want one. It’s not boring, and it kept me watching the screen instead of doing something else. If you haven’t seen it yet and love science fiction, I recommend it. It’s streaming on Disney.





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The Colony: #SciFi #MovieReview

Colony on Netflix is a dystopian where those who left Earth to colonize another planet want to see if their survival has better odds if they return to Earth.

The colonists on Keplar can’t reproduce. The radiation off-world has killed any hope of humans thriving. Earth, however, is all water.

This movie has a lot of flaws, however, it is nicely filmed and the acting is very good. The main character, Louise Blake, had me rooting for her through the entire movie. She has a lot of obstacles to overcome, and she does so with confidence and grit. She will see her mission completed… for the many. However, she has other motives for returning to Earth.

If you think too much about the story, the logic will slip like sand through your hands. Same goes for the ending. It was rather vague and ambiguous. Two minutes could have been spent with something more solid and meaningful. At least, I would have appreciated that.  Every story deserves a decent ending.

It’s worth a watch, though. I was entertained and would actually like to know more about this version of Earth. So for that and the acting, I give this movie a one beer rating. One is enough to have fun.

It’s streaming on Netflix. Here’s the trailer if you want a peek:



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#SciFi #MovieReview : Zone 414

A daughter goes missing in the only place where humans and androids are allowed to interact. It’s a zone free from crime. So the creator of the androids says…

It’s actually not a bad movie.  If you think ‘Blade Runner’ through the whole thing, you’d not be mistaken. The setting and parts of the story seem inspired by Blade Runner. And also by Logan’s Run. At least, Husband Unit and I thought so.

This movie has the slowest moving taxi in the galaxy, and the Husband Unit and I think that should be a movie of its own. It made us laugh every time it came on screen.

I had to wonder why androids would smoke or eat or drink, but logic isn’t required to have fun watching a movie. Otherwise, very few movies would be fun.

Parts of the plot could have been bridged more smoothly,  but the ending didn’t make us groan or want to throw something. So, that’s always a good thing.

There was some good social commentary if you wanted to give any thought that way to the topics stirred up by the plot.

We give this movie a 1.5 beer rating.


Here’s the trailer:

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#SciFi #MovieReview : Space Sweepers

A fun adventure set in space, with lots of space action, Space Sweepers is a fun watch.

It was a little long and the backstories were a bit clumsily done, but I felt like I was in space through the whole film.  And, the backstories add a lot to the plot and the story on an emotional level. It made it easier to connect with the characters.

On first impression, the main characters are not people you want to know, but their job isn’t pleasant. They’re outlaws and have few ethics. As we learn more about them, they become more likable, and I rooted for their victory.

The movie starts with a trip up into orbit on a space elevator. We stay in space for the rest of the movie. Sweepers clean up space debris in orbit and earn very little for their efforts. In fact, they often end up further in debt.

The plot centers around them stumbling across a very valuable piece of space debris. It can earn them a fortune and change their lives. The sticking point… the debris is alive.

There’s lots of action, fast flying ships, battle explosions, bad guys, adversaries, and adventure. The world-building is very well done, and I loved the way it ended.

Space Sweepers is definitely worth a watch. And, you don’t need beer!

This movie gets the coveted ‘beer is optional’ rating. It’s currently on Netflix.





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