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This brand new novel will be my gift to you this December. Are you ready for more Backworlds fun? This is the story of how Lepsi and Talos became Lepsi and Talos.

best-selling space opera series, the Backworlds


The son of a nobleman and a young man from the poorest part of the city strike up an unlikely friendship that changes the course of their lives.

In a lord’s manor on the planet Doka, Lepsi wallows in loneliness and misery. As the youngest son of a down-and-out noble, Lepsi’s father can only afford to raise one son as his heir. Lepsi is forced to forsake all dreams to serve his cruel father and heartless brother.

Meanwhile, in a neighborhood in an impoverished part of the city, Talos mourns the death of his mother, the only person to believe he had any worth. As his mother succumbed to a plague, he gave up apprenticeships and education to take care of her. He doesn’t regret it but longs for a better future. Without skills and without money, he’s forced to beg and steal.

They both want to leave the planet and the lives they’re leading, and their chance arrives when a premier cargo transport desperately needs more crew. Lured by opportunity and the prospect of a future beyond Doka, both Talos and Lepsi sign up.

Yet, as their fortunes shift, fate intercedes with ruthless intent. Talos runs afoul of a pirate gang, and Lepsi’s father comes after him using every resource available to the aristocracy of Doka.

Can the two of them thwart the relentless pirates and ruthless lords that mean to end their dreams? Can their friendship withstand such harrowing tests? Most of all, can they escape?


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