Moonfall: #SciFi #MovieReview

Overall, I found Moonfall to be an enjoyable sci-fi adventure. The plot was fast-paced and kept me engaged from start to finish. The visual effects were impressive and the performances of the actors were strong. It followed the usual disaster movie tropes… divorced people and teenagers, hero traumatized, and down on his and her luck. And, I do love my disaster movies.

However, I did have some issues with the film’s logic and accuracy. There were several plot points that seemed wildly implausible, and certain character motivations didn’t make sense to me. Additionally, I noticed several factual inaccuracies that took me out of the experience.

Despite these issues, I still had a good time watching Moonfall. Moonfall’s storyline hit many notes of other disaster movies and sci-fi films. Husband Unit and I kept yelling out movies we were reminded of. Because I love disaster movies and space, this was a fun time. Just be prepared to suspend your disbelief and overlook some of the film’s logical and factual shortcomings. They didn’t follow my advice to take a laptop with them. Therefore, I give this a one beer rating.


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