#MPaxDimension Report: Sorrow and What to Look forward to in 2023 #scifi

With great sorrow, I had to say goodbye to Sarge right before the holiday. His pain was short-lived, and he went with love and a smile. He lived a happy life with us. Because he came to us as a stray in desperate need, he’s extra special. I’ll miss talking to him (he always answered back and had different meows, so you could have a whole conversation) and his hugs. He was so sweet and gentle and had a million expressions. Despite the world being so cruel to him, he was always smiling and always happy (except when we didn’t get him a snack fast enough). I’ll miss him in a million different ways. Love you, Sargie Boy!


In author news, I played around with the Ai artist some and added new artwork to the Backworlds and Rifters series pages.

I’m working on turning Worlds on Edge, Backworlds Book 5 into an audiobook. I intend to finish the Backworlds series in audio in 2023. I’ll also be getting more titles back into print.

I finished the first round of edits in The Afterworlds and have started the second read-through. If life doesn’t get in my way too much, I plan to release The Afterworlds in 2023. Then it will be on to finishing the Rifters series!

Wishing you the best in 2023!


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retrofuturistic image in blue & orange of a black woman holding a holographic display. Graphics are grouped and in several layers for easy editing. The file can be scaled to any size.

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