#SciFi #MovieReview : Zone 414

A daughter goes missing in the only place where humans and androids are allowed to interact. It’s a zone free from crime. So the creator of the androids says…

It’s actually not a bad movie.  If you think ‘Blade Runner’ through the whole thing, you’d not be mistaken. The setting and parts of the story seem inspired by Blade Runner. And also by Logan’s Run. At least, Husband Unit and I thought so.

This movie has the slowest moving taxi in the galaxy, and the Husband Unit and I think that should be a movie of its own. It made us laugh every time it came on screen.

I had to wonder why androids would smoke or eat or drink, but logic isn’t required to have fun watching a movie. Otherwise, very few movies would be fun.

Parts of the plot could have been bridged more smoothly,  but the ending didn’t make us groan or want to throw something. So, that’s always a good thing.

There was some good social commentary if you wanted to give any thought that way to the topics stirred up by the plot.

We give this movie a 1.5 beer rating.


Here’s the trailer:

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