The Neighbors: Streaming #MovieReview #scifi #sciencefiction #comedy

The Neighbors is a charming and enjoyable TV series that blends science fiction and comedy in a unique and entertaining way. The show centers around a family that moves to a seemingly normal suburb, only to discover that their neighbors are actually aliens from another planet.

Despite the initial culture shock, the human and alien characters soon develop a close bond, leading to plenty of comedic moments as they navigate their differences and learn from each other. The humor is lighthearted and often silly, making it a great choice for viewers who want a show that’s easy to watch and will make them laugh.

One of the strengths of The Neighbors is its cast, which includes a number of talented actors who bring their characters to life in a fun and engaging way. The show also benefits from strong writing and a willingness to take risks with its storytelling, resulting in a series that feels fresh and original.


Overall, The Neighbors is a fun and entertaining TV series that is well worth a watch. Its blend of science fiction and comedy is unique, and the show’s humor and heart make it a great choice for viewers who want to watch something that’s both funny and heartfelt. It’s currently streaming on Hulu and beer is optional to have fun watching.

Here’s the trailer:

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