#MPaxDimension Report: The Afterwolds First Draft is Close to Done! #SciFi

The final scenes of The Afterworlds are in the works. Perhaps at the next MPax Dimension Report, I’ll say I finished the first draft. If not, I’ll be pretty close. Once the Backworlds is finished, I’ll be getting to work on the Rifters series.

I updated the Not of this Earth Bookshop.  I’m looking into redoing print copies of my books in the near future and some special editions. So, you can look forward to that.

The anthology that The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe was canceled, so I’ll be publishing that on my own. I had planned three other stories for it. When those are written, I’ll be publishing the stories myself.

I was able to get part of the garden planted, but not all of it. The weather just wasn’t cooperating.

The cat pack is doing all right. Luna still shuns the boys. Sarge and Mork play together a lot.

Peace out!



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