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In the vast expanse of the bestselling Backworlds series, where galaxies collide and destinies are forged, there exists a remarkable protagonist named Craze. Despite his desire to remain behind his bar and have the best watering hole in the galaxy, circumstances continuously conspire against him, thrusting him into the role of an unexpected hero.


Craze preparing for battle in the best-selling science fiction series, the backworlds

A Big and Burly with a Squishy Heart:

Craze’s physical appearance may be big and burly, but beneath that rugged exterior lies a heart that beats with compassion and empathy. He can’t say know to a woman with a sob story. Even when they betray him, he has a hard time leaving them out in the cold.

The Reluctant Hero:

At the core of Craze’s aspirations lies the simple desire to remain behind his bar, overseeing the best drinking establishment in the galaxy. However, the vastness of the universe has other plans for him. Uncover the moments when external forces disrupt his idyllic life, compelling him to rise to the occasion and take on the role of an unexpected hero. Witness his inner struggle as he reconciles his desire for a peaceful existence with the call to be a champion for justice.

Negotiating Alliances and Beyond:

Craze’s journey takes him beyond the confines of his bar, propelling him into the realm of diplomacy and leadership. The Backworlds Assembled Authorities convince him he’s the only one who can forge an alliance with the Fo’wos. Many of his friends hate him for it, but it does it. Someone has to look out for the greater good, and Craze knows no one else will step up. Follow Craze’s transformation from a humble bar owner to a figure of influence in the galaxy, and witness the burdens and sacrifices he must bear.

The War Against Living Alien Ships:

The alliance was to help with a formidable alien enemy. However, no one believes the enemy is coming, forcing Craze to take the lead. Craze finds himself thrust into a war against formidable living alien ships that relentlessly seek to annihilate every planet and race in their path. On the front lines, his comrades elect him as general and he leads the charge against this formidable threat. Uncover the courage and determination that drive him to fight for the survival of civilizations, even as he longs for the tranquility of his bar.

The Power of Friendship:

Amidst the chaos and trials, Craze’s unwavering friendships form a crucial support system. Explore the bonds he shares with his friends and witness the strength of their camaraderie as they face the challenges of the galaxy together. Discover the solace and joy that Craze finds in their company, even as he battles against the forces that threaten to disrupt their lives.

The Backworlds series showcases the remarkable journey of Craze, reminding us that sometimes, destiny has other plans for us, and true heroism lies within unexpected souls. Start your journey!

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