Embark on an Epic Adventure with The Backworlds Poster Packs! #scifi #sciencefiction

Are you ready to delve into the vast and captivating universe of The Backworlds series? It’s a space opera adventure with bioengineered descendants, fierce competition, and unlikely heroes. If you’re a fan of the series, treat yourself to the Backworlds Poster Packs, which include vibrant scenes and characters from the series.

best selling science fiction series the Backworlds

In the Backworlds, Craze embarks on an incredible adventure that will shape his destiny. Banished from his home planet, he must navigate the treacherous planets at the edge of the Backworlds, evading cutthroats, pirates, and thieves. Craze’s transforms from an ordinary individual to an unlikely hero as he rises to the challenges thrown his way and discovers who he truly is.

best selling space opera series the Backworlds

Each poster set contains 10 images, which are a mix of stunning scenes and portraits.

Poster Pack 1 includes: Craze, Lepsi, Talos, Dactyl, Rainly, Pardeep Station, Pauder, Doc, Meelo, and Wonder Ricklits.

Poster Pack 2 includes: Captain Kaesare, Pardeep in its heyday, Sanjy Strom, a battle scene, the Seuk lab, Xior, another battle scene, Dauffer, Captain Kaesare’s freighter, and Lepsi’s return to Pardeep Station after the war.

Make the Backworlds come alive with original artwork!





Daelin Long: A Journey from Adversity to Heroism in the Rifters Series #fantasybooks #steampunk

Daelin Long, a resilient and courageous character who undergoes a transformation from a lost soul to a fearless defender of our world.

Daelin Long from the popular steampunk fantasy series


From New York City to Settler: A Fresh Start Amidst Mystery

Daelin’s life takes an unforeseen twist when she is fired from her assistant editor’s job in bustling New York City and falls victim to a robbery. Seeking solace and a fresh start, she relocates to the quiet town of Settler, Oregon, with the help of her sister, Charming. However, her arrival in Settler is marred by the mysterious absence of her sister, setting the stage for an extraordinary and suspenseful journey.

Adjusting to Small-Town Life: A World of Secrets Unveiled

The transition from the hubbub of city life to the tranquility of Settler poses its own challenges for Daelin. As she navigates the small town’s close-knit community, she discovers that it holds secrets far beyond what meets the eye. Daelin’s quest to uncover the truth about her sister’s disappearance leads her down a rabbit hole of strange occurrences, revealing a hidden world where monsters are real.

From Fear to Heroism: Embracing the Rifters’ Call

As the truth of the supernatural unfolds, Daelin finds herself drafted into the Rifters—a group of courageous individuals dedicated to defending humanity from the menacing creatures that lurk in the shadows. Despite her initial fear and uncertainty, Daelin’s unwavering determination to save her sister propels her to often take on a leadership role among the Rifters. Through her resourcefulness, bravery, and intelligence, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Unlikely Allies and Unexpected Bonds: Friendship with a Ghost

While battling monsters, Daelin discovers an unlikely ally in the form of a ghost—her best friend in Settler. This spectral companion becomes a steadfast source of support, offering guidance, friendship, and a unique perspective on the supernatural forces that surround them. Together, they forge an important bond, serving as a testament to the strength of connection even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

Follow Daelin’s awe-inspiring journey as she battles her fears, uncovers hidden truths, and forges unbreakable bonds. Witness the transformation of an ordinary woman into an extraordinary hero. Start this discovery with the first book in The Rifters series, which is free everywhere! Get your copy today!

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Craze: The Unlikely Hero of the Backworlds Series #scifibooks #spaceopera #sciencefiction

In the vast expanse of the bestselling Backworlds series, where galaxies collide and destinies are forged, there exists a remarkable protagonist named Craze. Despite his desire to remain behind his bar and have the best watering hole in the galaxy, circumstances continuously conspire against him, thrusting him into the role of an unexpected hero.


Craze preparing for battle in the best-selling science fiction series, the backworlds

A Big and Burly with a Squishy Heart:

Craze’s physical appearance may be big and burly, but beneath that rugged exterior lies a heart that beats with compassion and empathy. He can’t say know to a woman with a sob story. Even when they betray him, he has a hard time leaving them out in the cold.

The Reluctant Hero:

At the core of Craze’s aspirations lies the simple desire to remain behind his bar, overseeing the best drinking establishment in the galaxy. However, the vastness of the universe has other plans for him. Uncover the moments when external forces disrupt his idyllic life, compelling him to rise to the occasion and take on the role of an unexpected hero. Witness his inner struggle as he reconciles his desire for a peaceful existence with the call to be a champion for justice.

Negotiating Alliances and Beyond:

Craze’s journey takes him beyond the confines of his bar, propelling him into the realm of diplomacy and leadership. The Backworlds Assembled Authorities convince him he’s the only one who can forge an alliance with the Fo’wos. Many of his friends hate him for it, but it does it. Someone has to look out for the greater good, and Craze knows no one else will step up. Follow Craze’s transformation from a humble bar owner to a figure of influence in the galaxy, and witness the burdens and sacrifices he must bear.

The War Against Living Alien Ships:

The alliance was to help with a formidable alien enemy. However, no one believes the enemy is coming, forcing Craze to take the lead. Craze finds himself thrust into a war against formidable living alien ships that relentlessly seek to annihilate every planet and race in their path. On the front lines, his comrades elect him as general and he leads the charge against this formidable threat. Uncover the courage and determination that drive him to fight for the survival of civilizations, even as he longs for the tranquility of his bar.

The Power of Friendship:

Amidst the chaos and trials, Craze’s unwavering friendships form a crucial support system. Explore the bonds he shares with his friends and witness the strength of their camaraderie as they face the challenges of the galaxy together. Discover the solace and joy that Craze finds in their company, even as he battles against the forces that threaten to disrupt their lives.

The Backworlds series showcases the remarkable journey of Craze, reminding us that sometimes, destiny has other plans for us, and true heroism lies within unexpected souls. Start your journey!

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Unleash Your Galactic Adventure: Grab Your Free Ebook from the Best-selling Science Fiction Series, Stopover at the Backworld’s Edge #scifibooks #Kindle #Kobo #Nook #iBook #GooglePlay More #Giveaway

In the vast realm of science fiction, where galaxies collide and destinies are shaped, there lies a gripping tale of revenge, fragile peace, and the pursuit of justice. “Stopover at the Backworld’s Edge” by M. Pax is a captivating sequel to “The Backworlds,” and this action-packed adventure is available for free in ebook format across all major online retailers. That’s right FREE!

best-selling science fiction series Stopover at the bAckworlds' ege

Join Craze on his quest for revenge against his father, while dealing with the treacherous travelers aboard a battleship that shouldn’t be around. The war with the Fo’wo’s ended a generation ago.

The Quest for Revenge:

Craze, our tenacious hero, finds himself on a desolate moon, devoid of hope and prospects. However, his burning desire for revenge against his father keeps his spirit alive. Despite his relentless pursuit, Craze faces incredible obstacles along the way.

A Battleship from the Past:

In an unexpected turn of events, an interstellar portal opens, revealing a battleship that should have faded into history. The appearance of this formidable vessel introduces a new dimension of danger and uncertainty. What havoc will it dump on Craze’s world?

The Fragile Peace of the Foreworlds:

While Craze seeks vengeance, he must tread cautiously, mindful of the delicate balance of peace that exists between worlds. Can he unravel the intricate web of alliances and treaties that shape the Foreworlds, and understand the stakes involved? One wrong move could bring about disastrous consequences for Craze and his companions.

The High Price of Vengeance:

Will the pursuit of vengeance lead to Craze’s downfall, or will he find redemption amidst the chaos?

The Power of Friendship:

Amidst the turmoil and danger, Craze finds solace and strength in the bonds he forms with his friends. Will some bonds snap and never recover?

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Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a galactic adventure and experience the captivating story of Craze and his quest for justice. With the ebook available for free at all major retailers, now is the perfect time to delve into the Backworlds and discover the secrets that lie at the edge of the universe.

space opera book series – Available at all etailers

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Meet Charming Moon Knight, the Rifter and Paleontologist who Disappeared from the Popular Steampunk Fantasy, The Rifters. #fantasybooks #Kindle #Kobo #Nook #iBook #GooglePlay More

Who is Charming Moon Knight?

The popular and fan-favorite steampunk fantasy, The Rifters, opens with Charming’s disappearance through the rift. Not only does she face the danger of the monster chasing her, but going through the rift is forbidden.

Charming from the popular steampunk series, The Rifters

Charming’s disappearance casts a dark cloud over Daelin’s arrival to the town of Settler. The phantom stealing heads, a notorious outlaw, is on the loose, and Charming’s neighbor, Earl Blacke, seems to know more about her disappearance than he’s saying. Come to find out, it’s imperative that Charming’s whereabouts remain a secret. But there’s more to Charming than her loyalty to the rifters, a myriad of secrets, and sudden disappearance.

Charming Loves Dinosaurs

Charming Moon Knight is a paleontologist who works at the Paleo Institute in Settler, Oregon. She has a deep understanding of the history of our planet, and she’s made several important contributions to the field of paleontology. Her work at the Paleo Institute has helped to advance its reputation on the world stage, and her expertise is highly valued by her colleagues. Recently, she helped find a new specimen of dinosaur out in the desert that the Paleo Institute is devoted to unearthing before winter sets in.

Her Dedication to the Rifters

Charming has been with the rifters since shortly after her arrival in Settler. Earl Blacke brought her to Settler, and hangs around like a stalker. When he confessed who he really was, Charming was shocked but accepted that a relative of hers traveled to the present from 1888. She doesn’t trust Earl’s motives, but knows he won’t let her down. Not without letting himself down. She knows going through the rift is against the rules, but she’ll do anything to protect her fellow rifters.

As one review put it, “The world created in The Rifters is like the Wild West meets Ghostbusters with some Stargate and a bit of Steampunk thrown in. Even though everything seems a bit familiar, it’s not, which is what makes it compelling.” Charming roles in the rifters and with the Paleo Institute are a key part of what makes the world of Settler so fascinating and unique.

Get the Digital Art!

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Start this popular and fan-favorite steampunk fantasy series for FREE!

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From Betrayer to Best Friend: The Fascinating Character Journey of Sanjy Strom in the Backworlds Series #scifi #sciencefiction


Meet Sanjy Strom: From Betrayer to Best Friend

Sanjy Strom original science fiction art from best-selling science fiction series, the backworlds

Sanjy Strom is one of the most intriguing characters in the Backworlds series. She first appeared in Book 6 as the ambassador from the Foreworlds, sent to help create a fragile alliance between the Backworlds and the Foreworlds. At first, she seemed like an ally to Craze and the other Backworlders, but soon enough, she betrayed Craze and left him for dead. She soon changed her mind and betrayed her government to help Craze wage war against the Quassers.

It’s easy to see why Sanjy became the bane of Craze’s existence. She was cunning, manipulative, and willing to do whatever it took to achieve her goals. But as the war raged on, something unexpected happened. Sanjy began to show a different side of herself – a compassionate, loyal, and selfless side that was hard to ignore.

Sanjy went from being a snake to one of Craze’s dearest friends. She proved herself time and time again, putting her own life on the line to help the Backworlders in their fight against the Quassers. She even sacrificed her own reputation among the Foreworlds when she chose to stay with Craze and his crew instead of returning home.

Sanjy’s character arc is a testament to the power of redemption and the complexity of human relationships. She started out as a villain, but by the end of the series, she had become one of the most beloved characters. Her journey shows that people can change, that even the most unlikely friendships can form, and that sometimes, the greatest loyalty can come from the unlikeliest of sources.

In conclusion, Sanjy Strom is a fascinating character in the Backworlds series. Her journey from betrayer to best friend is a testament to the power of redemption and the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to people and their motivations. If you haven’t read the Backworlds series yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up today. You won’t regret it.

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