Flash Sale for Cancer Survivors Day! Boomtown Craze, Beyond the Edge, and Worlds on Edge only 99c! #cancersurvivorsday #scifi #sciencefiction #booktwitter

🎉 Celebrate Cancer Survivors Day with a Special Flash Sale! 🎉

best-selling space opera series The Backworlds

As a proud cancer survivor, I’m excited to celebrate this special day by offering some of my favorite books at a fantastic price. For a limited time, you can grab Boomtown Craze, Beyond the Edge, and Worlds on Edge for just 99c each at the Not of this World Bookshop. Dive into these thrilling adventures and join Craze on his epic journey across the galaxy!

Boomtown Craze

🚀 Boomtown Craze – Just 99c!

As Craze prepares for the grand opening of his new tavern, his plans for Pardeep Station are threatened when a mysterious Backworlder arrives, claiming her spaceship is possessed. This revelation ties to the dark underworld of one of Craze’s closest friends. With everything he’s built at risk, Craze must navigate dangerous waters to ensure his dreams don’t go the way of the extinct.



Beyond the Edge

🌌 Beyond the Edge – Only 99c!

Craze and Captain Talos set out to find Craze’s missing friend, leading them to an uncharted region of the galaxy where they uncover a terrible truth. Meanwhile, back on Pardeep Station, Rainly’s introspection unlocks a sinister secret of her own, revealing that some truths are better left unfound.



Worlds on Edge

🛸 Worlds on Edge – Now 99c!

As an alien invasion looms closer, Craze faces a crucial decision: risk everything to save his moon or leave it to warn the Backworlds of the impending doom. With an old enemy resurfacing, the odds are stacked against him. Will Craze be able to protect the ones he loves before it’s too late?



📚 Don’t Miss Out! 📚

Celebrate strength, survival, and the power of stories by diving into these gripping adventures. This flash sale won’t last long, so head over to the Not of this World Bookshop and get your copies today for just 99c each!

Grab Your Copies Now and Celebrate with Me! 🎉



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