Happy Summer Solstice! Flash Sale Alert! Ends June 24, 2024! The Rifters Series is on Sale! #fantasy #steampunk #scifi #paranormal


🌞 Happy Summer Solstice! 🌞

To celebrate the Summer Solstice, I’m having an incredible flash sale at the Not of this World Bookshop! For one week only, from June 18 to June 24, you can get The Initiate, The Reader, and The Tracer for just 99c each. Plus, enjoy the audiobooks for only $1.99! Don’t miss out on these thrilling adventures at unbeatable prices!

popular steampunk fantasy series

The Initiate

🌟 The Initiate – Only 99c!

On her first day as an Initiate of the Rifters, Daelin Long faces a daunting challenge. Should she lie to her fellow Rifters or tell the truth? The wrong decision could doom her sister. As if that weren’t enough, there are volcanic killer ash bees to deal with. Meanwhile, Earl Blacke must choose between his chance at redemption and striking gold.

The Reader

📖 The Reader – Just 99c!

Daelin Long is bored with no monsters to fight until her brother disappears, leading to strange happenings: dead people come back to life, portraits transform into white trees, and rift weirdness ensues. Though the Rifters think it’s just an offended ghost, Daelin knows it’s something far more dangerous. She must find and destroy it before it destroys our world.

The Tracer

🚀 The Tracer – Now 99c!

Daelin Long returns in a thrilling new adventure as the portal connecting Earth to other worlds reopens. Thrust into a new world with seven moons, she faces a monster that exists in two universes at once. Armed with only her staff, wits, and an uninformed detective, Daelin must lead the fight to save her sister and protect Earth from impending apocalypse.

Audiobook Deals

🎧 Audiobooks – Only $1.99!

Immerse yourself in the world of Daelin Long with our audiobooks, now on sale for just $1.99! Perfect for summer road trips or relaxing by the pool.

📚 Don’t Miss Out! 📚

Celebrate the Summer Solstice with these fantastic deals. Head over to the Not of this World Bookshop and get your copies of The Initiate, The Reader, and The Tracer for just 99c each, and don’t forget to grab the audiobooks for only $1.99!

Grab Your Summer Reads Now and Enjoy the Adventure! 🌞




Flash Sale for Cancer Survivors Day! Boomtown Craze, Beyond the Edge, and Worlds on Edge only 99c! #cancersurvivorsday #scifi #sciencefiction #booktwitter

🎉 Celebrate Cancer Survivors Day with a Special Flash Sale! 🎉

best-selling space opera series The Backworlds

As a proud cancer survivor, I’m excited to celebrate this special day by offering some of my favorite books at a fantastic price. For a limited time, you can grab Boomtown Craze, Beyond the Edge, and Worlds on Edge for just 99c each at the Not of this World Bookshop. Dive into these thrilling adventures and join Craze on his epic journey across the galaxy!

Boomtown Craze

🚀 Boomtown Craze – Just 99c!

As Craze prepares for the grand opening of his new tavern, his plans for Pardeep Station are threatened when a mysterious Backworlder arrives, claiming her spaceship is possessed. This revelation ties to the dark underworld of one of Craze’s closest friends. With everything he’s built at risk, Craze must navigate dangerous waters to ensure his dreams don’t go the way of the extinct.



Beyond the Edge

🌌 Beyond the Edge – Only 99c!

Craze and Captain Talos set out to find Craze’s missing friend, leading them to an uncharted region of the galaxy where they uncover a terrible truth. Meanwhile, back on Pardeep Station, Rainly’s introspection unlocks a sinister secret of her own, revealing that some truths are better left unfound.



Worlds on Edge

🛸 Worlds on Edge – Now 99c!

As an alien invasion looms closer, Craze faces a crucial decision: risk everything to save his moon or leave it to warn the Backworlds of the impending doom. With an old enemy resurfacing, the odds are stacked against him. Will Craze be able to protect the ones he loves before it’s too late?



📚 Don’t Miss Out! 📚

Celebrate strength, survival, and the power of stories by diving into these gripping adventures. This flash sale won’t last long, so head over to the Not of this World Bookshop and get your copies today for just 99c each!

Grab Your Copies Now and Celebrate with Me! 🎉



Otherworldly Realms: Sci-Fi and Fantasy eBook Extravaganza! #booktwitter #scifi #fantasy #kobo #koboplus


Are you ready to escape reality and journey into fantastical realms filled with adventure, magic, and intrigue? Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the genre or a newcomer eager to explore new frontiers, these captivating stories are sure to delight and inspire. Best of all, they’re all available for free or through Kobo Plus, so you can indulge in endless reading without breaking the bank!


Fantasy and Sci-Fi Free Book Fair

free science fiction and fantasy books

Link: Fantasy and Sci-fi Free Book Fair

Join us at the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Free Book Fair, where imagination knows no bounds! Discover a treasure trove of gripping tales featuring mythical creatures, epic quests, and magical adventures. From brave heroes battling dark forces to intrepid explorers charting the cosmos, there’s something for every fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore new worlds and embark on unforgettable journeys—all for free!

May Fantasy and Sci-Fi Mania

Link: May Fantasy and Sci-Fi Mania

Get ready for a whirlwind adventure at the May Fantasy and Sci-Fi Mania! Immerse yourself in a universe where anything is possible as you journey alongside fearless adventurers, cunning sorcerers, and daring spacefarers. With a diverse array of titles spanning every subgenre imaginable, this event is a must-visit for fans of fantasy and sci-fi alike. Whether you prefer epic battles or heart-pounding thrills, you’ll find it all and more at this sensational book bonanza!

Kobo Plus Sci-Fi and Fantasy

kobo plus science fiction and fantasy books

Link: Kobo Plus Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Indulge your imagination with Kobo Plus Sci-Fi and Fantasy, where the possibilities are endless! Dive into a world of magic and technology as you explore captivating stories from talented authors. With Kobo Plus, you’ll have access to a vast library of sci-fi and fantasy titles, allowing you to embark on thrilling adventures whenever and wherever you please. Whether you’re seeking out new authors or revisiting old favorites, Kobo Plus has something for everyone.

Get in on the Adventure Today!

Don’t miss your chance to embark on an epic adventure through the realms of sci-fi and fantasy! Whether you prefer free books or the convenience of Kobo Plus, there’s never been a better time to indulge your love of speculative fiction. Click the links above to start exploring these incredible promotions and discover your next favorite read. The journey awaits—what are you waiting for?

Happy reading, adventurers!



Double the Enchantment, Double the Stories! Unveil the Magic! #fantasy #magicalrealism #99c Sale!


Brace yourself for an offer that will leave you spellbound! For a limited time only, I’m delighted to present not one, but two captivating bundles of enchanting short stories for the price of one bundle! That’s right – you’ll get a total of six mesmerizing tales for only 99 cents!

great fantasy and magical short stories

More about the magical realms awaiting you within these pages:

  1. Plantgirl: Ba Rainey’s world is devoid of color until she seeks a miraculous change. Join her as she discovers the unexpected power of growth and transformation.
  2. Translations: Nora Elliot races against time to unlock the secrets of love and rescue her beloved from an ancient tomb. Will her translations lead to salvation or despair?
  3. Omens and Lifesavers: Step into the bustling city where omens of fate intertwine with the mundane. Join our protagonist as they navigate the chaos of urban life, guided by signs both ominous and enlightening.
  4. The Wulfing: Nerys faces a daunting challenge as she ventures into the perilous wulfing, where survival is uncertain and danger lurks at every turn. Will she conquer the wilderness and claim its elusive blessings?
  5. A Flight of Fancy: Witness the birth of a legend as Fancy is bestowed with a remarkable gift and sent forth on a mission of greatness. Follow her whispers on the wind and discover the true essence of might and magic.
  6. Blue Moon: Claudette weaves a spell under the light of a rare celestial event, hoping to rewrite the laws of fate and reclaim what was lost. Will her enchantment bring about a reunion or unleash unforeseen consequences?

These enchanting tales are brimming with wonder, adventure, and the timeless allure of magic. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of the fantastical or a newcomer eager to explore new realms, this collection promises to ignite your imagination and transport you to worlds beyond reality.

But remember, this extraordinary offer won’t last forever! Don’t miss your chance to double the enchantment and immerse yourself in six captivating stories for the price of one bundle. Simply place your order now and prepare to unlock the secrets of a universe where anything is possible.

Get ready to experience the magic – order now and let the journey begin!




#Smashwords End of Year Sale! #SciFi and #Fantasy for FREE, 99c, and Half Off!

Exciting End of the Year Deals on M. Pax Titles at Smashwords!

best-selling science fiction and fantasy books

Half Off on Space Opera and Fantasy!

The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear – a sci-fi and fantasy mashup where Hetty tries to move on with her life. But that’s hard when being stalked by a ghost. $2.99, NOW $1.49 BUY

Spaceberg – Humor in the Outer Sol. Space Squad 51 toils to save the solar system from giant iceberg in space. And it has teeth! $2.99, NOW $1.49 BUY

Backworlds Box Collection: Books 4, 5, and 6 – A space opera adventure! Craze and his friends discover the galaxy is more dangerous than they believed. $8.99, NOW $4.99 BUY

99c Deals on Sci-fi and Fantasy Steampunk!

The Backworlds Box Collection: Books 1, 2, and 3 – The best-selling science fiction series by M. Pax! Craze is kicked off the plant and searches for a new home. $4.99, NOW 99c! BUY

The Rifters Box Collection: Books 1-3 – the popular Rifters series features a secret portal in the woods of Oregon and monsters from other universes. The devices used by the Rifters are rather steampunk. $4.99, NOW 99c! BUY

Here’s Some FREE Science Fiction and Fantasy Adventures!

The Backworlds – Craze is forced to leave his home and struggles to forge a new life among cut throats, pirates, and thieves. BUY

Stopover at the Backworlds’ Edge – Book 2 of the best-selling Backworlds series. On a new home of dust, Craze struggles to survive. BUY

The Rifters – Daelin Long moves to Settler to start over and to be with her sister. Only her sister is missing and there’s a phantom stealing heads. BUY

The Tumbas – On the Red Planet, Rett is selected to be the next tumba master. The tumbas are the descents of tumbleweeds, but behave like animals. BUY

Small Graces – Grace crash lands on an alien world to discover she’s not alone. BUY

Omens & Lifesavers – A new arrival’s first day in New York City. Shaking off those little town blues and the omens swirling about. BUY




December has Epic Deals on Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reads! #scifi #sciencefiction #fantasy #ebooks

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than by diving into fantastic worlds of science fiction and fantasy? If you’re an avid reader or looking for the perfect gift for the bookworm in your life, you’re in luck! Throughout December, several incredible ebook promotions are offering steeply discounted books that are bound to captivate any reader’s imagination.

Epic Sci Fi & Fantasy

Transport to galaxies far, far away, or to realms of magic and wonder. From epic quests to futuristic adventures, there’s something here for every speculative fiction enthusiast.



Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovers

Calling all fantasy and sci-fi lovers! This promotion is a treasure trove of enchanting tales, daring heroes, and mind-bending adventures. Find your next favorite book and get lost in a world unlike any other.



Collections, Anthologies, and Boxed Sets

Discover curated collections, anthologies, and boxed sets featuring multiple books in one convenient package. It’s the perfect opportunity to binge-read series or explore various authors and worlds all in one go.



Fantastic Fantasy Megasale

Unleash your imagination with this mega sale dedicated to fantasy literature. From mythical creatures to epic battles, these discounted ebooks are sure to delight any fantasy enthusiast.



Holiday Sci-Fi Sale

Celebrate the season with out-of-this-world adventures! Dive into futuristic landscapes, encounter advanced technology, and embark on thrilling journeys through the cosmos with these discounted sci-fi reads.



Explore these promotions throughout December to snag your favorite titles at steep discounts. Happy reading and happy holidays!



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