Laughs that Defy Gravity! Spaceberg: A Cosmic Catastrophe with Bite #scifi #sciencefiction #scifibooks #sciencefictionbooks


Spaceberg, a science fiction novel brimming with disaster, humor, and the resilience of the human spirit where even the most improbable alliances hold the key to survival.

science fiction humor novel

The Arrival

In the vast expanse of the outer solar system, where the mysteries of the Oort Cloud remain mostly unknown, a calamity emerges—Spaceberg. This colossal entity crashes into the colonized minor planets in the Outer Sol, leaving devastation in its wake. The giant chunk of ice is bad enough, but it also has a bite—carnivorous balls resembling moss with lots of big teeth. Panic grips the solar system as Spaceberg tumbles toward the heavily populated Saturn system, and hope seems as distant as the farthest stars.

Enter Nikili Echols and Orbital Rescue Squad 51

Amidst the chaos there is a beacon of courage and resilience—Orbital Rescue Squad 51. Led by the indomitable Nikili Echols, the most decorated first responder in the solar system, the Squad races against time to mitigate the catastrophic aftermath of Spaceberg’s impact.

Nikili, a force of nature herself, navigates the dangers with unmatched determination. Her resolve is not only to save her family but to extend a lifeline to every soul caught in the perilous grip of the disaster. Yet, as the clock ticks relentlessly, she faces an unexpected twist—the need to join forces with her ex-husband, whose mere presence invokes a maelstrom of emotions.

Unlikely Allies and Superstitious Antics

Cosmic irony pairs Nikili with her ex-husband, a man whose superstitions are as abundant as space dust. Nikili finds herself grappling not only with the threat of Spaceberg but also with her ex-husband’s peculiar beliefs. His superstitions grate against her pragmatic nature like the irritating hum of cosmic static. However, in a surprising turn of events, their clash of ideologies holds the key to success—a blend of luck and organic plastic that could tip the scales in their favor.

The Race Against Time

The tension soars when it’s discovered Spaceberg is more than a crisis of ice in Jupiter proportions. On Spaceberg, mossy balls live that nibble at anything within reach. Saturn and the colonies on its moons are in its path, then the trajectory will take Spaceberg to Earth unless Nikili and her team can stop it.  She’ll need some of her ex’s superstitions to help her plan relying on luck and organic plastic.



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