Meelo: A Tale of Resilience and Redemption in the Backworlds Universe #sciencefiction #scifi


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In the vast expanse of the Backworlds, amidst the swirling cosmos and interstellar strife, there exists a character whose journey epitomizes the essence of resilience and redemption. Her name is Meelo, and within her diminutive frame lies a story of courage, loss, and eventual triumph.

Barely reaching five feet in height, Meelo cuts a small figure against the backdrop of cosmic chaos. With her dirty blonde hair and watery pale blue eyes, she possesses a quiet presence that belies the turbulence within her soul. Meelo’s arrival on Pardeep Station, two years after  Craze and his companions, marks the beginning of a new chapter in her tumultuous life.

Brought to Pardeep Station by Doc, who took nursed her back to health, Meelo is a figure of mystery. Her stutter shrouds her words in uncertainty, while she seeks solace within her oversized coat. This coat, adorned with pockets of various fabrics, serves as a poignant reminder of the lives lost on Teerant, her home planet, decimated by the ruthless Fo’wo’s.

Meelo’s survival amidst the carnage is a testament to her resilience. Pretending to be dead amongst the pile of corpses, she emerged from the ashes as the sole survivor, a promise she made to the man she loved.

Initially employed at Craze’s bar, Meelo eventually established a farm. A loner by nature, she harbored a secret life as a informant to the enemy Foreworlders, a decision born out of desperation and survival.

Meelo’s journey took a dramatic turn when she fought to save the citizens of Pardeep Station. Through acts of bravery and selflessness, she redeemed herself in the eyes of her peers, earning the esteemed title of planet lord. Though uncomfortable with the mantle of leadership, Meelo shed her stutter and emerged from the shadows, revealing her true face to the world.

Today, Meelo tends to the wounds of Pardeep Station’s population, both physical and emotional, with the tender care of someone who knows the depths of despair. In Meelo’s journey, there is a tale of triumph and of finding strength in the face of unimaginable loss. Hers is a story of redemption, of becoming a beacon of hope in a universe shrouded in darkness.

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