Mary Shelley: The Mother of Science Fiction #WomensHistoryMonth #BookTwitter #scifi #sciencefiction


Rothwell, Richard; Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; National Portrait Gallery, London;


In 1818, Mary Shelley gave life to “Frankenstein,” igniting the spark of science fiction.

Her tale of a scientist defying nature’s laws set the stage for a new literary frontier.

Shelley’s visionary storytelling delved into the ethical dilemmas of scientific advancement.

“Frankenstein” challenged readers to contemplate the consequences of playing god.

With its blend of gothic horror and speculative science, Shelley birthed a genre that continues to captivate minds today.

Her pioneering work laid the foundation for future sci-fi luminaries to explore the boundaries of imagination.

In Shelley’s creation, we find not just a monster, but the birth of an entire genre—science fiction.



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