Rebel Moon – A Riveting Sci-Fi Epic with Promising Sequel Potential: #SciFi #MovieReview


The critics seemed to hate this movie, but I rather liked it. It was certainly entertaining.

rebel moon scifi movie review

Rebel Moon, an original science fiction offering on Netflix, delivers a compelling narrative filled with action, rebellion, and a hint of political intrigue. The film introduces us to the militaristic Imperium, led by the sadistic Admiral Atticus Noble, who arrives on the backwater moon of Veldt. He is there to quash a rebellion led by siblings Devra and Darrian Bloodaxe.

As Noble attempts to secure the village’s surplus grain to fuel the Imperium’s conquests. The refusal of the village leader, Sindri, sets the stage for a tense and engaging plot. The characters, particularly Kora, Gunnar, and the warriors they recruit, add depth to the storyline, each with their own motivations and backstories.

One notable aspect of Rebel Moon is its world-building, showcasing a universe fueled by centuries of conquest and war. The film explores themes of rebellion and the consequences of unchecked power. The dynamics between the characters, their shared history, and the overarching conflict create a rich tapestry.

The action sequences are well-executed, with each member of the diverse warrior group contributing their unique skills. The defection of the “Jimmy” robot adds an unexpected twist, providing moments of humor and emotion. The film successfully blends elements of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure, creating a visually stunning and engaging cinematic experience.

As the story progresses, the group faces betrayal, tragedy, and the looming threat of the Imperium. The character development is commendable, especially Kora’s journey from a former Imperium soldier to a leader of the rebellion. The revelation of her past adds emotional depth to her character, making her a relatable and compelling protagonist.

The film’s climax is intense and satisfying, with unexpected twists and sacrifices. And sets the stage for an intriguing sequel. The promise of a continuation of the insurgency against the Imperium, with Kora at the center, leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this sci-fi saga.

Rebel Moon delivers a thrilling and visually stunning experience. Although the critics hated it, and there is nothing earth-shattering about it, it successfully combines spectacle with substance, making it a memorable entry in the realm of original sci-fi films. I look forward to part two and give it a one beer rating. One is enough to have fun. Husband said it reminded him of the Magnificent Seven.

And… I will have my review for part two in a few days. Stay tuned!

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