Rebel Moon Part Two: The Scargiver #scifi #moviereview


Scifi movie review Rebel Moon Part Two


Hmm. I’m not sure where to start with this one. The funnest part of the movie is Googling reviews for it and watching other people’s reactions. Hilarious!

It’s beautifully filmed, and the final battle sequence is exciting. It’s impossible to spoil this movie because nothing happens. Seriously. A ridiculous amount of time is spent watching people harvest wheat and artistically throw wheat in the air. Yawwwn. Husband Unit and I fast forwarded through a lot of that. Plus, they have to harvest with scythes and baskets, but they have a hover wagon to load the grain in. ??? Then! A character puts water in their canteen in slow-mo. I’m not joking .

There are so many logic and plot holes in this movie. Like what is the obsession with this one moon’s crop of wheat? It’s like one field. It’s not a whole moon producing wheat. It’s just one miniscule village. You can have a fleet of spaceships but can’t grow or find food anywhere else? How are these people still alive if that’s how they operate?

The main bad guy comes back to life and gives this silly monologue which ends with how the main character ‘gave him a scar’. Scargiver. lol There again, they could bring someone back to life but not grow their own food.

Then the magnificent seven gather round a table and there’s a huge info dump of each character telling their back story. The only cool character is the lady with the sword hands.

The village prepares for battle with the magnificent seven’s help. It only takes one day for everyone to become an ace shot and to dig an elaborate system of tunnels underneath the village. The bad guy arrives and confronts the main character in a ludicrous scene that makes no logical sense.

The battles… oh my. The one interesting scene, Kora is planting explosives in the spaceship and something in the engine room opens its eyes. Two seconds is spent on that and it’s never explained what was alive in there. Meanwhile, beneath this are people shoveling coal into a furnace. That’s right, the ship is powere by coal. lol Okay, the invasion landing on the planet was kind of cool.

This movie amused me because there was absolutely no story, emphasis was put on things that didn’t matter (like harvesting and getting water), and interesting things were panned over. The bad plot and huge holes often made me laugh.

But they’re threatening us with a part three. No, Netflix. No! Do something better. Like a movie with a real story with some characters I can remember the names of and care about. Yeah, I don’t remember any of the character names.

For all these reasons, I have to say you need beer to watch this one. And, you’ll want to fast forward through some crap. Unless you enjoy watching people farm. Despite my love of watching other people react to this movie, I have to give it a four beer rating. Yeah, being sloshed will help.

And, I rather liked the first movie.


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