#SciFi #MovieReview : Space Sweepers

A fun adventure set in space, with lots of space action, Space Sweepers is a fun watch.

It was a little long and the backstories were a bit clumsily done, but I felt like I was in space through the whole film.  And, the backstories add a lot to the plot and the story on an emotional level. It made it easier to connect with the characters.

On first impression, the main characters are not people you want to know, but their job isn’t pleasant. They’re outlaws and have few ethics. As we learn more about them, they become more likable, and I rooted for their victory.

The movie starts with a trip up into orbit on a space elevator. We stay in space for the rest of the movie. Sweepers clean up space debris in orbit and earn very little for their efforts. In fact, they often end up further in debt.

The plot centers around them stumbling across a very valuable piece of space debris. It can earn them a fortune and change their lives. The sticking point… the debris is alive.

There’s lots of action, fast flying ships, battle explosions, bad guys, adversaries, and adventure. The world-building is very well done, and I loved the way it ended.

Space Sweepers is definitely worth a watch. And, you don’t need beer!

This movie gets the coveted ‘beer is optional’ rating. It’s currently on Netflix.





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