Weird and Wonderful Oregon: Petersens Rock Garden #photography

Petersen’s Rock Garden is a unique and fascinating destination. The garden is filled with intricate and creative rock formations, sculptures, and buildings, all made entirely out of rocks and stones. Some of them you can even walk inside.

One of the highlights of Petersen’s Rock Garden is the “Castle,” a towering structure made up of hundreds of carefully placed rocks. The castle features multiple levels, staircases, and even a throne room, all built from a variety of different colored rocks. There are bridges built of stone crossing the moat.

In addition to the castle, there are also several smaller rock structures scattered throughout the garden, including a replica of Stonehenge, a rock chapel, and a rock-lined pond. All of these structures are surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, complete with waterfalls, streams, and native plants. It’s a fun and quirky visit complete with a glow-in-the-dark display inside the museum.


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