Weird and Wild #Oregon : Flowers in the Desert #NaturePhotography

It’s nice to take a road less taken into the quiet and wonder this planet has to offer. From the road, it may all look uniform and bland, but if you take a turn and a stop to really experience a place, you can find unexpected pleasures. One of the most beautiful things about a place with no other people is the quiet. When it’s so quiet, you can hear the Earth hum, well, that’s special.

This little water hole had flowers growing in the water. Neat!




Weird and Wild #Oregon : Umpqua National Forest, The Forest Breathes #NaturePhotography #Explore

The Umpqua National Forest in the Cascade Mountains is one of my favorite places in Oregon. The trees are so big and so old. The forest is a balm to the weary soul.

The woods and mountains breathe with misty breath. What an inspiring place!

The woods are enchanting, filled with awe and magic.

Moss decorates this tree like tinsel.

A whole universe lives on this tree.





Weird and Wild #Oregon : Odell Lake #NaturePhotography #Explore #nature #photography

Diamond  Peak looms over Odell Lake in the Cascade Mountains. Sublime and serene, I found my happy place at this idyllic spot.

It’s one of the largest lakes in the Cascades and is home to several species of trout and salmon.

Odell Lake is managed as a trophy lake trout fishery. Two record-holding trout were caught in this lake. Best of all, the views are breathtaking and refresh the spirit.