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Brace yourself for an offer that will leave you spellbound! For a limited time only, I’m delighted to present not one, but two captivating bundles of enchanting short stories for the price of one bundle! That’s right – you’ll get a total of six mesmerizing tales for only 99 cents!

great fantasy and magical short stories

More about the magical realms awaiting you within these pages:

  1. Plantgirl: Ba Rainey’s world is devoid of color until she seeks a miraculous change. Join her as she discovers the unexpected power of growth and transformation.
  2. Translations: Nora Elliot races against time to unlock the secrets of love and rescue her beloved from an ancient tomb. Will her translations lead to salvation or despair?
  3. Omens and Lifesavers: Step into the bustling city where omens of fate intertwine with the mundane. Join our protagonist as they navigate the chaos of urban life, guided by signs both ominous and enlightening.
  4. The Wulfing: Nerys faces a daunting challenge as she ventures into the perilous wulfing, where survival is uncertain and danger lurks at every turn. Will she conquer the wilderness and claim its elusive blessings?
  5. A Flight of Fancy: Witness the birth of a legend as Fancy is bestowed with a remarkable gift and sent forth on a mission of greatness. Follow her whispers on the wind and discover the true essence of might and magic.
  6. Blue Moon: Claudette weaves a spell under the light of a rare celestial event, hoping to rewrite the laws of fate and reclaim what was lost. Will her enchantment bring about a reunion or unleash unforeseen consequences?

These enchanting tales are brimming with wonder, adventure, and the timeless allure of magic. Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado of the fantastical or a newcomer eager to explore new realms, this collection promises to ignite your imagination and transport you to worlds beyond reality.

But remember, this extraordinary offer won’t last forever! Don’t miss your chance to double the enchantment and immerse yourself in six captivating stories for the price of one bundle. Simply place your order now and prepare to unlock the secrets of a universe where anything is possible.

Get ready to experience the magic – order now and let the journey begin!




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