Exploring the Cosmos: Alien Double Feature Takes Readers on an Interstellar Journey #scifi #sciencefiction #bookrecommendation


An exhilarating voyage through the cosmos!  Alien Double Feature is a captivating collection eager to explore worlds beyond imagination.

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Two stories of first contact told from the alien point of view.

Aftermath: A Tale of Sacrifice and Courage

Noret, who is unaccustomed to the horrors of war, grapples with the aftermath of a devastating attack one of her world’s moons. She must navigate the complexities of duty and sacrifice to protect everything she holds dear. The narrative unfolds with gripping intensity, exploring themes of courage, resilience, and the true cost of war.

Wings of the Guiding Suns: A Hero’s Quest

Amidst the solar winds, Sita, a member of the dragonkind, embarks on a mission of unparalleled importance: to save a dying world from certain destructionrace of people from extinction. The narrative unfolds with epic proportions, as Sita confronts impossible odds and races against time to fulfill her destiny. Themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the interconnectedness of all life resonate throughout this enthralling adventure, drawing readers into a world where the fate of an entire civilization hangs in the balance.

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