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All boxed up, the Backworlds and Rifters series are Ready for the Holidays

You deserve a present! Your family and friends deserve presents! Give them a ticket to other worlds!

best-selling science fiction and popular fantasy steampunk sale

An Unforgettable Journey with the Backworlds Series – Special Holiday Sale!

Are you ready for an exhilarating voyage through the Backworlds? Prices have been greatly reduced for holiday joy on The Backworlds Box Collection: Books 1, 2, and 3, and The Backworlds Box Collection: Books 4, 5 and 6! Meet the charismatic Craze, who after being banished from his home planet, finds himself thrust into a whirlwind odyssey that will mold him into a most unlikely hero.

  • Prepare for Mind-Blowing Plot Twists: The Backworlds series is renowned for its jaw-dropping plot twists that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat with every page you turn.
  • Everyday Heroes: A defining element of this series is its focus on ordinary individuals rising to meet extraordinary challenges. These relatable characters make the Backworlds series an absolute must-read for fans of science fiction and epic adventures.
  • Exciting News for Fans: Brace yourselves for thrilling news, fans! A brand new book is set to join the Backworlds series in 2024!

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers – catch up on Craze’s incredible journey before the next installment arrives.

The Backworlds Box Collection: Books 1, 2 & 3

In the far future, humanity settles the stars, bioengineering its descendants to survive in a harsh universe. This set contains the first 3 novels in the science fiction series, The Backworlds. A space opera adventure. This set includes the Backworlds novels: The Backworlds, Stopover at the Backworlds’ Edge, and Boomtown Craze.

Box 1, 2, 3          BUY DIRECT

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The Backworlds Box Collection: Books 4, 5 & 6

The galaxy beyond the Backworlds is rife with trouble. The desperate search to save a friend ends in the discovery of an unstoppable enemy. This set includes the Backworlds novels: Beyond the Edge, Worlds on Edge, and Precipice.

Box Set 4,5,6              BUY DIRECT

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Discover The Rifters Series: A Fusion of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Steampunk – Unmissable Holiday Discount!

If you’re in search of something truly unique and enthralling, The Rifters series beckons you. This extraordinary western series seamlessly melds science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk in the charming setting of an Oregonian town. As part of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, you can now immerse yourself in all four of these remarkable books at an astounding 45% discount.

  • Journey through Breathtaking Landscapes: The Rifters series will take you on a mesmerizing voyage through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon, where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in the most unexpected ways.
  • Prepare for Heart-Pounding Mysteries: Join Daelin Long as she sets off on an adventure to the Wild West, with hopes of starting anew. Instead, she discovers her sister has gone missing, and a phantom is stealing heads. Get ready for a series of twists and turns that have earned The Rifters a dedicated and enthusiastic following.

Don’t Let this Rifters deal slip away! The Box Collection includes the novels: The Rifters, The Initiate, and The Reader.

Rifters Box 1-3                BUY DIRECT


Fantasy Worth Reading: Something from the Nightside #BookReview #fantasybooks

best-selling fantasy novel Something from the NIghtsideSomething from the Nightside by Simon R. Green is another novel I devoured in a mere few hours. It’s hard-boiled detective meets Neverwhere, and it’s a wonderful treat. Don’t deprive yourself of this gem.

The voice of the main character, John Taylor, is strong and bleeds atmosphere into every paragraph. The Nightside’s dark alleys, neon-lit streets, and eerie locales are described with such detail that they almost become characters themselves. The author’s atmospheric prose adds depth and richness to the narrative, making the Nightside a place readers can visualize and get lost in.

Nightside is a realm within London filled with darkness and mystery. Mostly darkness. It’s always 3:00 a.m. there and is populated by the bizarre and disturbing. John Taylor swore five years ago he’d never go back, but a rich lady walks into his office when he’s desperate for money. She needs him to find her runaway teenage daughter. He has a magical gift, a third eye, which makes him an expert at finding things in the Nightside. Only, something is blocking his sight. That’s never happened before.

The plot twists into creative and imaginative jaunts that made it unpredictable in the best of ways. The final twists were delicious. I will certainly be acquiring more books in this series. Highly recommended and it gets beyond five stars from me.

Here’s the blurb:

Taylor is the name, John Taylor. My card says I’m a detective, but what I really am is an expert on finding lost things. It’s part of the gift I was born with as a child of the Nightside.

I left there a long time ago, with my skin and sanity barely intact. Now I make my living in the sunlit streets of London. But business has been slow lately, so when Joanna Barrett showed up at my door, reeking of wealth, asking me to find her runaway teenage daughter, I didn’t say no.

Then I found out exactly where the girl had gone.

The Nightside. That square mile of Hell in the middle of the city, where it’s always three A.M. Where you can walk beside myths and drink with monsters. Where nothing is what it seems and everything is possible.

I swore I’d never return. But there’s a kid in danger and a woman depending on me. So I have no choice—I’m going home.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Backworlds and Rifters series Steeply Discounted! #scifi #fantasy #BlackFriday #CyberMonday


Two Fantastic Series at a Spectacular Price

As the holiday season approaches, what better way to treat yourself or a fellow book lover than with fantastic deals on captivating series? This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’m offering a limited-time offer of 45% off the complete Backworlds and Rifters series.
best-selling science fiction and popular fantasy steampunk books

The Backworlds Series: A Journey of Unlikely Heroes

Are you ready for an exhilarating journey through the Backworlds? The complete Backworlds series, consisting of all eight books, is now available at a 45% discount. Join the charismatic character, Craze, as he’s banished from his home planet, thrusting him into a whirlwind adventure that will transform him into an unlikely hero.

  • Surprising Plot Twists: The Backworlds series is known for its unexpected plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, page after page.
  • Everyday Heroes: One of the series’ defining features is its focus on ordinary people rising to the occasion and facing extraordinary challenges. These relatable characters make the series a must-read for fans of science fiction and epic adventures.
  • Upcoming Release: Exciting news for fans – a new book is set to join the Backworlds series in 2024! Don’t miss the chance to catch up on Craze’s adventures before the next installment.

Explore the Backworlds Series Here



The Rifters Series: A Fusion of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Steampunk

If you’re looking for something truly unique and captivating, The Rifters series awaits you. This weird western series combines science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk in a quaint Oregonian town. As part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, you can enjoy all four books in the series at a 45% discount.

  • Awe-Inspiring Landscapes: The Rifters series takes you on a breathtaking journey through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon. It’s a place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in the most unexpected ways.
  • Thrilling Mysteries: Join Daelin Long as she embarks on a journey to the Wild West, hoping to start anew. Instead, she finds her sister missing and a phantom stealing heads. Prepare for a series of unexpected twists and turns that have garnered The Rifters a devoted following.

Don’t Miss the Rifters Series – 45% Off



This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t miss your chance to explore the imaginative worlds of the Backworlds and Rifters series by M. Pax. With a generous 45% discount, you can dive into the adventures of Craze and Daelin Long, two remarkable characters navigating their respective worlds filled with surprises and challenges. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, epic adventures, or unique blends of genres, these series have something for everyone. Treat yourself or a fellow book lover to these captivating journeys, and discover why these series have gained a devoted following. Happy reading!



The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe Exclusive! #Giveaway #freeebooks #fantasy #fantasybooks


On November 7th, I’ll be giving away The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe. The only way to get this fantasy steampunk adventure is through the M. Pax Dimension.

free steampunk fantasy

Free Fantasy with Steampunk and Time Travel

This novella was originally written for an anthology that cancelled publication. I plan on writing more in this series, but not yet. So, I’m giving it away to the fabulous people who subscribe to my newsletter. It’s fantasy steampunk with time travel and science fiction elements. Set in Buffalo, New York, the story takes place on April Fools Day. Lainee, the main character, is pretty sure she’s being pranked at first.

The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe

This adventure begins with Lainee Corsault spying on her neighbor, who is vacuuming her garden at night. Well, whatever for? The next morning, giant peas are growing i Lainee’s backyard. And they have teeth! Then things get stranger when a woman from 1900 is standing on the porch. What is going on?

free steampunk fantasy poster pack

This FREE Book Comes with a FREE Poster Pack!

The poster pack includes: Lainee, Lainee’s house, Glenora Dixon, a steamcar driving in present-day downtown Buffalo, New York, Guillermo, the sorceress vacuuming the garden, interior of the Psychic Astronomy Shoppe, Gram, a clockwork cardinal, and Cynera.

Get Your FREE Book!

To get this book, only available on November 7, 2023, sign up for the MPax Dimension. If you’re not already part of my Dimension, sign up now!

You’ll also get a FREE starter library, and I’m giving away a brand new Backworlds adventure in December!

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Fantasy Worth Reading: Legends & Lattes #BookReview #fantasybooks

I loved Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldress so much, I’ve read it 3 times. I even pre-ordered his next book, which is due out in November.

A cozy fantasy about an orc named Viv, who is pursuing her happily ever after, I was glued to the page from the moment I started. There’s a little magic and a little mystery, but mostly there’s charm. This book had me tearing through the pages, and I finished it in a mere few hours.  What’s so captivating about it? Everyone can relate to the pursuit of a dream and taking a chance on yourself.

This book was recommended by my library staff, so I’m not the only one who fell in love with it. The novel showcases the author’s ability to craft a richly imagined world, populated by memorable characters filled with heart. Viv often doubts and second-guesses herself, and the city has never heard of coffee. So, she has an uphill battle to get customers.

The pages are like a warm hug as Viv hangs up her sword and purchases a coffee machine. Never have I ever been so entranced by the creation of baked goods and whether a fantasy city will want coffee. I hung on every word. A simply marvelous novel, and highly, highly recommended. I give it more than 5 stars. It’s rare for me to read a book this fast since becoming an adult.

Here’s the blurb:

After a lifetime of bounties and bloodshed, Viv is hanging up her sword for the last time.

The battle-weary orc aims to start fresh, opening the first ever coffee shop in the city of Thune. But old and new rivals stand in the way of success — not to mention the fact that no one has the faintest idea what coffee actually is.

If Viv wants to put the blade behind her and make her plans a reality, she won’t be able to go it alone.

But the true rewards of the uncharted path are the travelers you meet along the way. And whether drawn together by ancient magic, flaky pastry, or a freshly brewed cup, they may become partners, family, and something deeper than she ever could have dreamed.

October’s Ebook Extravaganza: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Steals and Deals Await! #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #freebooks

October’s ebook offerings are nothing short of spectacular for lovers of fantasy and science fiction. Whether you’re into free ebooks, bundled collections, or unbeatable deals, there’s something here to satisfy your reading cravings. So, grab your e-reader, cozy up with a warm beverage, and embark on a literary journey that will transport you to realms beyond your imagination. Don’t miss out on these incredible steals and deals—start exploring today!

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Wide World of Fantasy and Sci-Fi Free Ebooks

🌌 Explore the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Worlds

Start your October reading adventure with a collection of free ebooks spanning the wide worlds of fantasy and science fiction. From urban fantasy to paranormal romance, this assortment of free reads will transport you to otherworldly realms without costing you a dime.


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KOBO PLUS Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Fair

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If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy and happen to be a KOBO PLUS subscriber, you’re in for a treat! Visit a Book Fair brimming with thrilling titles that are absolutely free with your subscription. Explore distant galaxies, uncover magical realms, and embark on epic journeys—all at your fingertips.



Epic Worlds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

📚✨ Embark on Epic Adventures

For those who crave epic adventures and captivating world-building, this collection is a dream come true. Gobble up tales of heroes and heroines navigating fantastical realms and facing unimaginable challenges. It’s time to lose yourself in epic stories that will leave you craving more.


\Great science fiction and fantasy ebooks

Collections, Anthologies, & Boxed Sets – October Edition

📦📖 Discover Collections & Anthologies

October brings you a ton of collections, anthologies, and boxed sets that promise hours of immersive reading. Delve into curated selections that offer a diverse range of stories, each one more captivating than the last. Find your next favorite read among these carefully crafted collections.


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Sci-Fi and Fantasy MegaSale October

🌟🛍️ Explore the MegaSale

For those who can’t resist a great deal, the Sci-Fi and Fantasy MegaSale in October is a must-visit. Dive into a treasure trove of discounted books, bundles, and exclusive offers that will transport you to distant galaxies and magical realms without breaking the bank.



Free Fantasy on Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo…

📚🌟 Get Your Free Fantasy Reads

Last but not least, if you’re looking for free fantasy ebooks across various platforms like Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo, this collection has you covered. Enjoy a wide selection of fantastical adventures that won’t cost you a penny.



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