Lepsi: A Backworlder’s Quest for Redemption #scifi #sciencefiction


In the vast and diverse universe of the Backworlds series, one character stands out for his tumultuous journey from a life of privilege and suffering to redemption and the pursuit of a noble cause. Lepsi has faced unimaginable challenges and personal demons. His story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the quest for redemption in the face of profound mistakes.

Lepsi from the best-selling science fiction series, the Backworlds

Childhood in Doka: A Life of Misery

Lepsi’s early life was far from idyllic. Born into a noble family on the unforgiving world of Doka, he was subjected to the cruelty of his father and brother. Their unkindness and abuse drove Lepsi to seek solace and escape in the form of a friendship that would change the course of his life forever.

The Bond of Friendship: Talos and Lepsi’s Great Escape

Lepsi found a ray of hope in the form of Talos, a friend who would become his closest ally. Together, they devised a plan to escape Doka. Fueled by determination and the desire for a better life, they embarked on a journey that would take them to the edge of the Backworlds.

A New Beginning: Pardeep Station

On their journey through the planets on the Edge of the Backworlds, Lepsi and Talos encountered Craze, who played a pivotal role in their lives. With Craze’s help, they acquired a spaceship, The Sequi, and together, they created a home on the remote moon, Pardeep Station. For a time, it seemed that Lepsi’s troubles were finally behind him.

Tragedy Strikes: Lepsi’s Enslavement by the Quassers

However, fate had other plans for Lepsi. He fell victim to an evil and enigmatic alien race known as the Quassers. These sentient, living ships kidnapped and enslaved him, plunging Lepsi into a harrowing ordeal that would scar him deeply.

A Desperate Quest for Redemption: Lepsi’s Ill-Fated Plan

The war with the Quassers pushed Lepsi to the brink. In a desperate bid to save Talos and end the conflict, he sought to lead the Quassers through a connection forged during his time as a slave. Unfortunately, this attempt went terribly awry, leading to dire consequences. The Quassers killed billions while Lepsi led them.

Lepsi’s Redemption

Haunted by the consequences of his actions, Lepsi embarks on a journey to find redemption. He dedicated himself to rescuing other aliens in captivity and helping them return to their homelands, seeking to make amends for the devastation he unwittingly caused and many blame him for, even some he calls friend.

A Glimpse into Lepsi’s Physical Appearance and Character

Lepsi’s seven-foot-tall frame, curly red hair, and piercing blue eyes make him a distinctive figure in the Backworlds universe. His loyalty and unwavering commitment to doing the right thing define his character, despite the deep regrets that weigh on his conscience.

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November eBook Bonanza: Exciting Deals to Cozy up your EReader #scifi #sciencefiction #fantasy #ebooks


Get Your Read On!

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, there’s no better way to cozy up than with a captivating eBook. Fortunately, November is shaping up to be a treasure trove for book lovers, with a slew of fantastic eBook deals waiting to be discovered.

The Barnes & Noble Book Fair

The Barnes & Noble Book Fair is a delightful event for book enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of romance, paranormal, or sci-fi & fantasy, there’s an array of eBooks at discounted prices. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on your favorite titles, explore new authors, and make the most of your November reading list.

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For Kobo readers, the Kobo Book Fair is a must-visit destination in November. Dive into a world of eBooks across various genres, from horror to science fiction and fantasy. You’ll discover exceptional deals whether you’re seeking a heartwarming story or a spine-chilling adventure, this eBook promotion has you covered.


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Fabulous Fantasy and Sizzling Sci-Fi

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The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe Exclusive! #Giveaway #freeebooks #fantasy #fantasybooks


On November 7th, I’ll be giving away The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe. The only way to get this fantasy steampunk adventure is through the M. Pax Dimension.

free steampunk fantasy

Free Fantasy with Steampunk and Time Travel

This novella was originally written for an anthology that cancelled publication. I plan on writing more in this series, but not yet. So, I’m giving it away to the fabulous people who subscribe to my newsletter. It’s fantasy steampunk with time travel and science fiction elements. Set in Buffalo, New York, the story takes place on April Fools Day. Lainee, the main character, is pretty sure she’s being pranked at first.

The Psychic Astronomy Shoppe

This adventure begins with Lainee Corsault spying on her neighbor, who is vacuuming her garden at night. Well, whatever for? The next morning, giant peas are growing i Lainee’s backyard. And they have teeth! Then things get stranger when a woman from 1900 is standing on the porch. What is going on?

free steampunk fantasy poster pack

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Rifters #AudioBook Sale! Half Off! #fantasy #steampunk


Steampunk fantasy with a bit of weird western and sci-fi! This popular fantasy steampunk series is in audiobook, and the audiobooks are on sale!

popular steampunk fantasy series, The Rifters

Digitally Narrated


A monstrous secret hides in the backwoods of a remote western town—a portal connecting our world to forty-two other universes. The visitors—most would call them terrifying—often have devastating effects. Their destruction hasn’t been intentional… until lately. The usual band of protectors, The Rifters, defend us with daring and weapons built from coils, gears, and crystals, which is no longer enough. Earth’s survival depends on an outlaw from 1888 and a librarian with a knack for ghosts.

The Rifters Audio Bundle includes: The Rifters, The Initiate, The Reader, and The Tracer.

$19.99 9.99


Rifters Audio



Discovering the Charm of Antelope, Oregon #NaturePhotography Photography #ghosttown

It’s Spooktober! Let’s visit a ghost town. How about Antelope?

off the beaten path Oregon

Amidst the rolling hills and rugged landscapes of central Oregon, Antelope has a big story to tell. This quaint town is a hidden gem, offering a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and a sense of timelessness.

A Glimpse into Antelope’s History

In the mid-19th century, Antelope began as a station along the wagon road connecting The Dalles on the Columbia River with gold mines near Canyon City. After about 1870, the wagon road became known as The Dalles Military Road. When the highway was moved, Antelope became a quiet town of ranchers.

Is most notorious chapter came in the early 1980s when it briefly became the home of the Rajneeshpuram commune led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. A circle of leading members of the Rajneeshpuram Oregon commune were arrested for crimes including an attempted assassination plot to murder U.S. Attorney Charles H. Turner as part of the United States’s first recorded bio-terror attack calculated to influence the outcome of a local election in their favour; the effort ultimately failed. Salmonella bacteria were deployed to infect salad products in local restaurants and shops, which poisoned several hundred people.

hidden gem of Oregon, Antelope

Remnants of the Past

Antelope has many old building.

Oregon ghost towns, Antelope


weird and wild Oregon


hidden gems of Oregon


Antelope offers breathtaking vistas…

exploring Oregon, Antelope


And creepy ones… I envisioned this school when writing the second book in the Rifters series.

off the beaten path, Antelope, Oregon

Antelop was an awesome place to visit!


#SciFi Worth Reading: Cake Eater by Allyson Dahlin #BookReview #BookTwitter

Cake Eater is Sci-Fi worth reading. Five plus stars for a book I fell in love with!

Sci-Fi worth reading

Set in the year 3070, this novel is a retelling of Marie Antoinette’s story. I instantly related to Marie trying to exert control over her life. Only seventeen, she flies off to Franc to marry the dauphin, Louis. They’ve never met, but she’s prepared to do her duty. Sheltered and naive, she’s not prepared for much else.

She gives up her name, her home, her family, her dog, and even her clothes to become a wife and Marie. Nothing remains of her and her past, so she does her best to find herself, a way to fit in, and a way to still be Maria.  I found this book charming and enchanting. Marie immersed me into her life at Versailles and her struggle to be less lonely. This book had lots of feels, a young woman trying to figure out who she is, a struggling romance, and a sinister underlying plot. And, it made me cry. Not many books affect me that way.

If I had read the blurb, I never would have chosen this book myself. It was recommended and I’m thankful to that person for recommending it. I had a hard time putting this book down and am sorry Allyson doesn’t have any more books out. I really loved this book.

Here’s the blurb:

The year is 3070, and Marie Antoinette has just arrived at the glittering, thrilling palace of Versailles to marry the shy, soft-spoken Louis-Auguste.

But beneath the luxurious world lies a sinister underbelly and an uncompromising elite who want to keep Marie and Louis pawns in a deadly game.

Will history repeat itself? Or will these doomed lovers outwit their enemies and escape their grisly fate?

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