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Semper Audacia by M. Pax: A Riveting Last Stand in the Cosmos #99c #scifi #sciencefiction


The last soldier’s last stand.

Semper Audacia stands as a testament to M. Pax’s ability to craft a narrative that captivates. Leda confronts the enemy one last time where the echoes of war meet the indomitable spirit of one lone soldier.

science fiction by the best-selling author of the Backworlds series, M. Pax

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where memories intertwine with ghosts and the echoes of war resonate, M. Pax takes readers on an extraordinary journey with the gripping science fiction ebook, Semper Audacia. Priced at just 99 cents across all ebook retailers, this captivating tale unfolds as the last soldier, Leda, faces her ultimate challenge—the last stand for her world.


Alone and haunted by the echoes of a war that claimed everyone she knew, Leda stands as the sole defender of her world. The remnants of a once-thriving brigade, now reduced to a solitary figure, she grapples with the thin line between memories and madness. As a siren blares, signaling an impending threat, Leda must decipher the approaching vessel’s intentions. Is it the long-awaited reinforcement or the herald of the final assault?

In the aging flyer that serves as her only means of transportation, Leda embarks on a perilous journey to meet her world’s destiny. The stakes are high, the tension palpable, and the unknown looms large. M. Pax masterfully weaves a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, combining elements of suspense, mystery, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Themes and Exploration:

Semper Audacia explores the themes of isolation, survival, and the enduring strength found within the human psyche. Leda’s character is a poignant portrayal of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds, making her journey a compelling exploration of the human condition amidst the vastness of space.

M. Pax’s Unique Voice

M. Pax’s storytelling prowess shines through in Semper Audacia. The author skillfully creates a rich and immersive world, drawing readers into a narrative that seamlessly blends the familiar with the unknown. The descriptive prose paints vivid imagery, evoking a sense of both wonder and trepidation.


The accessibility of Semper Audacia at a mere 99 cents across various ebook retailers makes this a must-read for science fiction enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of the genre or a newcomer looking for an enthralling adventure, this ebook promises a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Ebook available at all retailers

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Backworlds and Rifters series Steeply Discounted! #scifi #fantasy #BlackFriday #CyberMonday


Two Fantastic Series at a Spectacular Price

As the holiday season approaches, what better way to treat yourself or a fellow book lover than with fantastic deals on captivating series? This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’m offering a limited-time offer of 45% off the complete Backworlds and Rifters series.
best-selling science fiction and popular fantasy steampunk books

The Backworlds Series: A Journey of Unlikely Heroes

Are you ready for an exhilarating journey through the Backworlds? The complete Backworlds series, consisting of all eight books, is now available at a 45% discount. Join the charismatic character, Craze, as he’s banished from his home planet, thrusting him into a whirlwind adventure that will transform him into an unlikely hero.

  • Surprising Plot Twists: The Backworlds series is known for its unexpected plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat, page after page.
  • Everyday Heroes: One of the series’ defining features is its focus on ordinary people rising to the occasion and facing extraordinary challenges. These relatable characters make the series a must-read for fans of science fiction and epic adventures.
  • Upcoming Release: Exciting news for fans – a new book is set to join the Backworlds series in 2024! Don’t miss the chance to catch up on Craze’s adventures before the next installment.

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The Rifters Series: A Fusion of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Steampunk

If you’re looking for something truly unique and captivating, The Rifters series awaits you. This weird western series combines science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk in a quaint Oregonian town. As part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, you can enjoy all four books in the series at a 45% discount.

  • Awe-Inspiring Landscapes: The Rifters series takes you on a breathtaking journey through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Oregon. It’s a place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary in the most unexpected ways.
  • Thrilling Mysteries: Join Daelin Long as she embarks on a journey to the Wild West, hoping to start anew. Instead, she finds her sister missing and a phantom stealing heads. Prepare for a series of unexpected twists and turns that have garnered The Rifters a devoted following.

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This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t miss your chance to explore the imaginative worlds of the Backworlds and Rifters series by M. Pax. With a generous 45% discount, you can dive into the adventures of Craze and Daelin Long, two remarkable characters navigating their respective worlds filled with surprises and challenges. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, epic adventures, or unique blends of genres, these series have something for everyone. Treat yourself or a fellow book lover to these captivating journeys, and discover why these series have gained a devoted following. Happy reading!



Rifters #AudioBook Sale! Half Off! #fantasy #steampunk


Steampunk fantasy with a bit of weird western and sci-fi! This popular fantasy steampunk series is in audiobook, and the audiobooks are on sale!

popular steampunk fantasy series, The Rifters

Digitally Narrated


A monstrous secret hides in the backwoods of a remote western town—a portal connecting our world to forty-two other universes. The visitors—most would call them terrifying—often have devastating effects. Their destruction hasn’t been intentional… until lately. The usual band of protectors, The Rifters, defend us with daring and weapons built from coils, gears, and crystals, which is no longer enough. Earth’s survival depends on an outlaw from 1888 and a librarian with a knack for ghosts.

The Rifters Audio Bundle includes: The Rifters, The Initiate, The Reader, and The Tracer.

$19.99 9.99


Rifters Audio



Unleash Your Galactic Adventure: Grab Your Free Ebook from the Best-selling Science Fiction Series, Stopover at the Backworld’s Edge #scifibooks #Kindle #Kobo #Nook #iBook #GooglePlay More #Giveaway

In the vast realm of science fiction, where galaxies collide and destinies are shaped, there lies a gripping tale of revenge, fragile peace, and the pursuit of justice. “Stopover at the Backworld’s Edge” by M. Pax is a captivating sequel to “The Backworlds,” and this action-packed adventure is available for free in ebook format across all major online retailers. That’s right FREE!

best-selling science fiction series Stopover at the bAckworlds' ege

Join Craze on his quest for revenge against his father, while dealing with the treacherous travelers aboard a battleship that shouldn’t be around. The war with the Fo’wo’s ended a generation ago.

The Quest for Revenge:

Craze, our tenacious hero, finds himself on a desolate moon, devoid of hope and prospects. However, his burning desire for revenge against his father keeps his spirit alive. Despite his relentless pursuit, Craze faces incredible obstacles along the way.

A Battleship from the Past:

In an unexpected turn of events, an interstellar portal opens, revealing a battleship that should have faded into history. The appearance of this formidable vessel introduces a new dimension of danger and uncertainty. What havoc will it dump on Craze’s world?

The Fragile Peace of the Foreworlds:

While Craze seeks vengeance, he must tread cautiously, mindful of the delicate balance of peace that exists between worlds. Can he unravel the intricate web of alliances and treaties that shape the Foreworlds, and understand the stakes involved? One wrong move could bring about disastrous consequences for Craze and his companions.

The High Price of Vengeance:

Will the pursuit of vengeance lead to Craze’s downfall, or will he find redemption amidst the chaos?

The Power of Friendship:

Amidst the turmoil and danger, Craze finds solace and strength in the bonds he forms with his friends. Will some bonds snap and never recover?

Get Your FREE Copy Now

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a galactic adventure and experience the captivating story of Craze and his quest for justice. With the ebook available for free at all major retailers, now is the perfect time to delve into the Backworlds and discover the secrets that lie at the edge of the universe.

space opera book series – Available at all etailers

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Books for a Cause: Purchase My Work and Help me Battle Cancer! #ebooks #Donate #support #WritingCommunity #ScienceFiction #scifi


My life took an enormous turn. Recently, I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. In the end, I’m going to be all right, but it’s a bumpy road getting there, and it’s harder than I believed it would be. My entire life has become doctors’ appointments, chemo treatments, and dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy. What I thought would be a nuisance has become all-consuming.

I can’t think straight. My eyes have trouble focusing. My tongue is numb and my hands cramp. I’m jittery and can’t sleep. I can’t sit. I can’t lay down. I can’t do much of anything. I manage to work my full-time job three and a half days a week, but it wears me to the bone.

My author business is definitely taking a hit during all this. Not only does cancer rob me of time and energy and thinking, it’s taking all my financial resources, too. My business funds have been diverted to pay medical bills, and I still can’t keep up.

The 9th book in the Backworlds series is mostly written, but needs a few more edits to be at its best. I want to continue putting my books into audio and making them available in print. I want to finish the Rifters series, the Squad 51 series, and the Hetty series. I want to write new stuff. I don’t just want to, I need to. I have so, so, so many ideas that want to come pouring out. And, I’ll get them written. In time.

I escape by creating original stories for you. You escape by reading them. Our world is better off with creativity and imagination. Without it, it’s just cancer and treatment and work, which is really, really boring and exhausting.

I write what I love — outer space and secret worlds within our world with quirky characters. My characters have the odds stacked against them and they go out and kick the galaxy’s ass. Those are the characters I want to read about and root for — the average person who finds a way to matter. We all need to matter, and we’re all heroes. That’s what I want you to feel when you read my books.

My treatment is a long one. Currently, I’m in chemotherapy. There’s a total of 16 weeks of it. The first drug regimen is 1x a week for 12 weeks. The second regimen is 1x every 3 weeks for 3 months. Then there’s surgery and radiation before I’m done. The chemo is brutally hard. I’m not getting anything done, and I’ve been unable to work a full week. My job is important. It pays my living expenses and gives me medical insurance. But I’m not earning a full paycheck anymore. Which is where my author business is stepping in. I can’t support myself and the business at the same time. I need a certain amount each month to maintain my business expenses.

Soon, I’ll have to let things go, which will make it harder to come back to publishing, and will then take longer to publish the next book in the Backworlds series and finish the Rifters series. I could use help with keeping the website going, my store, the book distribution, and the mailing list. It costs me about $80 a month to run my business. You certainly could help. Here’s how!

Buy some books. Or, if you already have the books, buy them as gifts for someone else. Or you could also make a straight donation.

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Any support will get me back to publishing faster. And, I will be back. This will not kill me, but losing my dream of being an author might. Thanks for whatever you’re willing to give.



Battling Monsters Takes a lot of Resources #sciencefiction #scifi #cancersurvivor #breastcancer

Well, this is not the update I wanted to make. Not by a long shot…

The same day we let Sargie go because of colon cancer, I found a lump. It was 3 days before Christmas. Since I live in the desert and have sensitive skin, I put on lotion every day, and know it was not there the day before. Everyone said not to worry, it was probably just a cyst. But I called that day for a doctor’s appointment ASAP. The earliest I could get was after New Years. Since then, my life has been a flurry of medical appointments. It was not just a cyst. I was officially diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer on January 19th. I’m still stage 2A, so it was caught early, but it’s an extremely aggressive and fast-growing monster.

This beast has consumed my life and every resource since I found that damn lump. First of all, when they tell you, you have cancer, it’s terrifying. At first, I didn’t know what to think or feel other than to have a lot of panic attacks. Sometimes I still can’t talk about it out loud, but I’m getting better at that. Then they started peeling off the layers of the onion. It wasn’t a generic, run-of-the-mill cancer, it’s the kind that requires chemo to start the fight. A lot of chemo. Anyway, the blows kept coming. There were a barrage of tests: mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, MRIs (the worst of them all), surgery to have a port installed, cat scan, bone scan, EKG, blood tests, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. There were appointments with surgeons, the radiologist, the oncologist, my regular doctor, follow-ups, and all the diagnostic tests. Trying to keep up with all the appointments was a trial in itself.

Plus, it’s extremely emotionally taxing, and I was trying to keep up with my full-time job at the same time. Because they needed the tests done ASAP, because the chemo had to get started ASAP, I didn’t have any choices as to when the appointments were made. It was when they were first available. The loss of control was hard on me, really hard. And, of course, all this is extremely stressful.

I felt fine and had no pain until they started poking, prodding, and slicing me up. But I still mostly feel okay. I started chemo last Friday, finally. I slept most of the day after, had a headache, and felt a bit wonky stomach-wise. It’ll be a day-by-day thing, and I will lose my hair. This week, actually. Yay! (sarcasm) My first round of chemo drugs is 1x a week for 12 weeks. The second round is 1x every three weeks for 3 months. That’s 6 months. Then I have surgery and then radiation. That takes me nearly to the end of the year in cancer treatment.

So, that throws my life and plans into turmoil. It can’t be helped, and I have to be kind to myself and realistic. My garden plans will have to wait until next year. Playing in dirt is not safe on chemo because of bacteria and mold and stuff. If I get a splinter or cut, it’s a big deal. I can’t volunteer at the observatory this year. I have to isolate and stay away from germ-riddled people. So, I go back into a COVID lockdown type of life. More face masks. I’m trying to find all the ones I had for COVID. Guess I should get some new ones. Maybe in September when chemo is done, I can make it up to PMO for a night under the stars. I’ll dream of it, and I’ll miss it. I haven’t gotten any farther in editing The Afterworlds or making audiobooks. When I wasn’t at doctor’s appointments, I was making up time at work.

Work is important. First, I work in health insurance and have excellent health insurance now. So, I need to keep that. My company is nonprofit so I don’t work for the evil empire. That makes me feel good about what I do. Second, work helps calm me down. It’s nice to keep what bit of normalcy I can. I’ve been at this job for a little over a year and still have no complaints about my company. They fubared my FMLA a bit, but I think we finally straightened that out. Because I needed the time for medical appointments and surgery, I had to put ADA and FMLA in place. Chemo is an all-day thing pretty much. And as chemo goes on, some days are going to be really hard. So, keeping a 40-hour work week has been a challenge and will continue to be. I’m fortunate to be able to do my job fully remote. and that my hours can be extremely flexible. I can work more on days I feel good and move workdays to weekends or later in the evening if that works out better for me. I’m also fortunate to have a wonderful boss that will do whatever she can to get me through this. It’s rare to have a boss like her, and she’s a big part of why I like my job.

What does all this mean for my writing life? Well, I am beginning to divert funds from my business to my medical expenses. Soon I’ll run out of paid time off and will find it harder to meet living expenses and medical expenses, let alone my author business expenses. I’ll do my best to get The Afterworlds done. I’m in the second round of edits, but I have to put my health first. Often, I’m exhausted. If I don’t put my needs and health first, this cancer could kill me. It wants to very badly. Since I found the lump, it’s been growing and trying to spread. That’s why the doctors were moving so fast to get me started. They still wanted me on chemo much earlier, but scheduling all the needed diagnostics didn’t cooperate with what the oncologist wanted.

Most likely this cancer won’t kill me. Because I didn’t wait to go to the doctor. If you find wonky shit on your body, don’t wait. Waiting will kill you. Cancer is not the death sentence it once was, but you have to get treatment and get it as soon as possible.

The regimen I’m on is proven to be highly effective at killing the strange-hybrid monster cancer I have. But, the fear remains in my face. What if it isn’t effective? What if it comes back? What if? What if? What if? The beginning of a cancer battle is incredibly overwhelming, so I need grace and patience from all of you waiting on the next book.

One thing I did was change the Not of This Earth Bookshop back to Payhip. Woocommerce was just too temperamental and unreliable. It broke about every 6 weeks, and I don’t have the energy to deal with it at this time. Payhip never failed, so the store went back to Payhip. Same books, same prices, same guarantee.

If you want to stay updated on my battle, I’ll post once in a while here. But I’m more vocal about it on Instagram and FB. It’s harder on Twitter because you can’t say much in a post there.

In the end, I’ll be okay. Losing is not an option, and I have so many stories to write and series to finish. So, this is just a very hard bump in the road. It is not the end of the road. If you’d like to help me keep the office lights on here, think about buying some books or donate. That would really help a lot. If you want to spread the word, I wouldn’t mind that either. Thank you for listening and wishing you great health.



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